06 July 2008

CERN-LHC almost online

Do you feel, as I do, that man's attempt to re-create the moment of creation is more than a bit chutzpadik? Do you wonder, as I do, if the Creator might not have a surprise in store for them?

If The Large Hadron Collider Produced A Microscopic Black Hole, It Probably Wouldn't Matter

...If they appear at all, these black holes would exist for "about a nano-nano-nanosecond," Giddings said, adding that they would have no effect of consequence. However, the paper studies whether there could be any large-scale effects in an extremely hypothetical situation where the black holes don't evaporate.

...The LHC, near Geneva, Switzerland, is expected to begin operations this summer. It will collide proton beams at levels of energy never before produced in a particle accelerator. Those results will then be studied for clues to new forces of nature, and possibly even extra dimensions of space. The first collision of beams is likely to be in September. The $8 billion project has taken 14 years.

Two men have filed a federal lawsuit in Hawaii in an attempt to halt the LHC due to their concerns about the safety of black holes. Giddings' study has been cited by CERN as evidence of the safety of the LHC.

Critics' fears of atom-smasher dismissed

... The most powerful atom-smasher ever built could make some bizarre discoveries, such as invisible matter or extra dimensions in space, after it is switched on in August.

But some critics fear the Large Hadron Collider could exceed physicists' wildest conjectures: Will it spawn a black hole that could swallow Earth? Or spit out particles that could turn the planet into a hot, dead clump?


  1. I think that it would give HaShem nachas to see His children trying to create. G-d told us to imitate Him. That's why we can "play G-d" and use medicine and technology. I don't see anything chutzpadik at all in this scientific attempt.

  2. First of all, only Israel are Hashem's "children." The rest of mankind are His creations. Second of all, there is no intent to "imitate" the Creator, nor even to recognize the Creator, but rather to replace Him, if any thought is given to Him at all. These are like the generation that built the Tower of Bavel and Hashem was none too pleased with them. We "imitate" Hashem by being givers as He is a Giver, not by trying to manipulate the powers of Creation. Obviously, I disagree with you completely.

  3. Devash,

    It is experiments like these that help scientists understand the universe in a deeper way. I do not see the parallels to Migdal Bavel. The kavannah of these scientists is not automatically pasul. Understanding the universe is an important goal.

  4. Would you also include the experiments underway with human/animal hybrids? There is such a thing as seeking knowledge beyond what one is prepared to receive. Since the scientific age began, mankind has harbored an inate fear of science run amok in its pursuit of knowledge for knowledge's sake and of the capacity for destruction that can result from it.

  5. I don't believe experiments to create mutant animals are in the same ballpark as physics experiments.