20 July 2008

"Targeting the Very Fabric of Israel"

Shira Sorko-Ram was the child of missionaries to Israel. She has been converting Jews for almost forty years. Her children were born and raised as Israelis and served in the IDF. They are now raising the next generation of home-grown xians.

In the late ’60s, there couldn’t have been more than a handful of native-born Israelis who were born-again Believers in Yeshua.

...In 1980, the International Christian Embassy was founded for the purpose of activating the hundreds of thousands of Christians who were — and are —praying and supporting the Israeli nation. Shortly before that, in 1976, Bridges for Peace was founded by Dr. G. Douglas Young, a Christian Zionist for whom Israelis had a deep respect. Then, in 1985, Ray and Sharon Sanders founded Christian Friends of Israel. These three ministries, along with others, sounded a shofar — call to evangelicals everywhere to read their Bibles and embrace the plan of God for His beloved Israel.

...in the 1980s the Messianic congregations of Israel began to expand – mostly with immigrants from America and other Western countries. And then in 1990, the Russian exodus began and several thousand Russian Believers arrived in Israel among the million immigrants. Although no one knows how many Believers arrived (and how many readily turned to faith in Yeshua after their arrival), the congregations of Israel doubled and tripled almost overnight.

Today, we estimate there are 10,000 to 15,000 Believers, in over 100 congregations and groups, in the Land.

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