09 July 2008

Eisav Wants the Birthright Back

The above is a screenshot taken from the video made recently in the Shomron by a group of Messianics calling themselves "Xian Zionists." They were performing "militant spiritual warfare dancing" and their cry to "Take the Land" is a call for "Ephraim" to come and claim his "inheritance."

The folks at the International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC) put it this way:

All over the world, Christians are increasingly awakening to the fact that they are indeed part of, and grafted into, the tree and commonwealth of Israel, as Paul puts it in his epistles to the Romans (chapter 11) and Ephesians (chapter 2). These Christians understand that they are therefore the natural, God-given brethren called to come to the aid of a regathered Judah, that is modern Israel.

These are the children of Abraham by faith - "ten out of each nation" - who are destined to become Ephraim, "the fullness of the Gentiles," joining themselves in spirit to the nation of Judah, and thus becoming one people - one stick in the hand of God for His end time purpose in the earth.

This new Crusader war against Israel is being taken to a new level with the creation of the World "Biblical" Zionists organization in cooperation with the World Likud. The people associated with it are promoting "Ephraimite Aliyah."

The trouble is these people are NOT "Ephraim." They are Eisav, unabashedly Xian! They are rich and powerful and they have made strong political connections with the Erev Rav Regime. The only thing that may stop them is for the REAL EPHRAIM to come and claim their inheritance. Now that's something I'd dearly love to see!




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