28 June 2017


4 Tamuz 5777

Yesterday, I linked to a document which appeared in all respects to be a scholarly Jewish work with solid Jewish sources. I failed to check all of the internal links listed in the footnotes and therefore, I failed to find the link to a Christian page proclaiming Yeshu to be Messiah, God forbid! Thankfully, someone else did check and let me know.

Save for the large red title at the top - A Study of the Book of Revelation - one might also take it to be a scholarly Jewish work as it references the Ramchal and several portions of Talmud and Midrashim. If one were hurriedly looking for a particular portion of Talmud and Google sent him here, it's possible he might have overlooked what the page was about generally, but today we have to be much more careful. God forbid that any of us wold inadvertently send a Jew to such a page and he become confused by what he read there. That's why I have removed my link to the original document and caution anyone else about sharing it until the author can fix it.

I don't want to think that it was a purposeful act. Let this stand as a warning. Not everything that appears Jewish today is actually Jewish.Great care must be taken to ensure the purity of our sources.  Google any Jewish topic and a hundred Christian references will be returned for every Jewish one. Sometimes it is not obvious that it is Christian until you get very far into it. Christianity posing as a form of Judaism is insidious and is taking over by sheer numbers once it told Christians all over the world that they are literally part of Israel al pi the New Testament.