18 December 2023

The Pressure Is Not Letting Up

6 Tevet 5784

And that is the good news.  Keeping the pressure on is necessary to get us where we have to be in time to meet HKB"H at the geulah shleimah.

Nothing happens randomly or without a reason.  If we don't know what it is, that doesn't mean there isn't one.  Once in awhile, we get hints.

Remember I told you about that Messianic (Christian) Attorney Calev Myers?  (Agents of Eisav)  And how he was shepherding the hostages' family members all over the world to Christian venues?  Well, one of those venues was Liberty University, a Christian institution, where thousands of Christians prayed over Yonatan and Ido Shamriz, the brothers of Alon Shamriz, one of the three escaped hostages who were killed by Israeli soldiers.  [Here @ 55:32 - 57:22]  And yes, they did invoke the name of their false deity at the end! [@ 1:01:45]

Had this young man been rescued, the credit would have been given to this false god and that message would have gone out to the world in the millions.  Possibly even tens or hundreds of millions of Christians, all of them giving thanks to the false god and their faith in the false god thereby strengthened.

The fact that those young men survived to this point is the proof that HKB"H sustained them to this moment and then HE ended their lives in this world because HE is THE GOD and there is no other and it is in HIS hands who lives and who dies and how.

You can believe it or not, but it was a mercy for their souls that they did not survive to become the Christian "poster boys" for glory and praise to the false god.  God forbid!  And may He avenge their blood on the evil enemies of Israel!


  1. A friend of mine was praying for Alon Shamriz. I told her about what you wrote above, that he and the other two didn't become Xian poster boys for false god-worship and praise because his brothers went with them. She said "maybe they doomed him by going with the Xians."

    Of course, we all know that Xians look to catch people who are in trouble, who are in their worst states, in order to take advantage of their distress, and then turn it around to make it look like they were doing good. Shame on them!

  2. Amen! Wow. I had no idea these three hostages were one of these messianics or whatever one wants to call them. Many of the 'Jews' who lived in that area and kibbutzim had spiritually descended to a new low. H' saved their souls just in time and we see here how H' works in mysterious ways. H' Yerchem.

    1. I seem to have given the wrong impression. The Shamriz brothers are not themselves Messianics to my knowledge. They were just going everywhere this Organization arranged hoping against hope that someone somewhere would help them get their brother back, but they erred terribly in not simply trusting in Hashem. The Organization which is leading the families around by the nose IS Messianic!

    2. It looks like I didn't do so well either, Devorah Chayah, and I am deeply sorry, not to mention confused. I meant to make clear that Alon's brothers were prevailed upon, or even forced, in their grief, to go with them, not that they were "messianic" Jews. Apparently Anonymous 19/12/23 1:28 AM didn't get it when I said that the Xians look to catch people in trouble, meaning their distress. Like you, I don't know that they are "messianic" Jews for a fact, and I assumed (bad on me) that people would understand my primary assumption is that they are NOT.

  3. Wow-they put their עין הרע on them,interesting.I unfortunately personally know that גויים can put huge evil eye and bring lot of מזל רע to us.

  4. Yesterday, an article appeared saying that the IDF Rabbanut wants all donations of religious items for soldiers to be inspected for halachic compliance before being distributed. Some people took exception to the suggestion, perceiving it as an example of anti-religious coercion. But, I was extremely happy to hear this as the Christians are making a huge effort to get items and messages to the soldiers.

    Hayovel created a campaign for this called Project Itai. I've seen a picture of the forms included with every donation carrying the personal message, along with names and locations of each person donating.

    It's all a manipulation meant to engender feelings of thanks and appreciation for the 'dear' Christians. I really hope these forms are confiscated by the IDF Rabbanut.

  5. I am the first Anon. commenter here and I want to apologize that I misunderstood the real story. H' Bless their souls along with all the neshamot of Bnai Yisrael. We are now in a very confused and chaotic world as Amaleik is doing their best to confuse our people and those vulnerable are their easy direct and indirect victims, r'l.
    May there be an end to our enemies and their evil nefarious plans.
    H' Bless His people, Yisrael.

  6. I just read that Rome has given their approval for the Jews and Catholics to engage in joint prayer. Another tragedy ! Malky