10 January 2022

SOUND THE ALARM! Chapter VII: OBSESSION - American Jews Beware and Prepare!!

  9 Shevat 5782

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Before concluding, I'd like to make it known that every bit of this content over all the chapters was researched, collected and organized by the blogger Geula Girl [Esav Exposed and The Key to Redemption] and it is thanks to her efforts that this information has been able to go out into the Jewish blogosphere and hopefully, do some real good in the world, to fight the lies, deceit and subterfuge, not to mention the overinflated egos.  Who knows, it might even save some lives!  You have our eternal gratitude, Geula Girl.  May you be blessed as you have blessed!


Mike Bickle's International House of Prayer (IHOP) was gifted with a property in Kansas City which was once part of the President Truman historical landmark area.  Hence they refer to it as the Truman Property or the Truman farm.  Bickle makes the point that they've had it for some time and yet it remained undeveloped.  Enter Dean Bye and suddenly big plans are in the works for it.  

Judging by Mike Bickle's explanation of the plans he envisions for it, the Truman property or rather, Truman Legacy Park, appears set to become some kind of Christian indoctrination center meant to spread this idea that the Church has to "help" North American Jews make mass aliyah.  And he claims "millions" have already been raised for its development.  

Both Bickle and Bye brag about their "relationships" with "Orthodox" rabbis.  I have it on good authority that the "hardcore Orthodox Israeli settler rabbi" who loves them is none other than Ari Abramowitz.  I'm told that when Tuly Weisz heard about the plans, he begged to be included. 


If this is the stature of the "rabbis" involved with this, all I can say is the joke is on Bye and Bickle.  However, it won't be a joking matter when they all stand for judgment.

The principals all believe that they have had Divine help and inspiration to reach this point.  Consequently, they are certain not only of their chances for success but of the righteousness of their cause.  It is truly ironic that it is Israeli-American "Orthodox" rabbis and Messianics who are cooperating with a scheme meant to mimic the Holocaust of the 20th century, God forbid, but without the mass extermination, though I don't find that to be very comforting.  Once this idea spreads and attaches to the latent antisemitism in EVERY Christian soul, there is simply no telling how far people will be willing to go in the event that American Jews resist their "forced" aliyahHashem yerachem!



  1. Mike Bickle has been predicting prison camps for the Jews for years. He is a compilation that was made when he endorsed Rick Perry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpRV0spflIE

  2. IHOPs are not kosher (תרתי משמע).


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