12 January 2022


10 Shevat 5782

Dear Rabbi Reuven,

If you succeed in this skirmish in Boca Raton, please be informed, that the greater battle has only just begun.  Please, please read and share SOUND THE ALARM so people will understand how big and far and wide the problem has become.  What is occurring in Boca Raton  is only a very small part of a much greater, well-planned and organized agenda that affects every Jew no matter where he/she is in the world!  

It's not for nothing that this report SOUND THE ALARM was finished and published at the same time that you have brought international attention to this issue.  It is yad Hashem!  I know that as the God-fearing Jew that you are, that means something to you.



  1. A global tidal wave of assimilation - forced and voluntary - this is the real plague at the end of days. It is being spread by US government diktat to the State of Israel ("protecting the 'rights' of Christians in the Holy Land") and by Israeli-American Jews (for financial gain and kavod) in "friendly" cooperation with American Christians (for guaranteed access to vulnerable Jews for conversion aims).

    Just repeat after me: "ONE NEW MAN - JEW AND GENTILE TOGTHER." (God forbid!!)



    The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens; you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I Hashem am your God. Leviticus 19:34 (The Israel BibleTM)

    Israel’s Census Bureau is amending its system of classification to include non-Jews who are not Arab to be included under the heading of “extended Jewish population”. Until now, people who fall under this classification have been defined as “other.” This will include people who gained citizenship by marrying Israelis, or immigrated under the law of return, which extends citizenship to anyone with a single Jewish grandparent. Many such immigrants hail from the former USSR where nearly 1/3 are not Jewish according to Jewish law. Of them, many are practicing Christians. This will also include non-Arab Muslims, such as the Circassian community.

    The new classification came as the result of an appeal by Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid) to the chief statistician and director-general of the CBS, Professor Danny Pepperman. Stern claimed that implicit in listing these people as other was the goal of converting non-Jews who immigrate. He argued that placing them in an “other” category could push them away.

    “The current situation hurts immigrants who came to Israel under the Law of Return, and feel they are part of the Jewish people,” said Minister Stern. “Our goal is for these people to join the Jewish people, and not be separated from it by all sorts of preliminary actions, including the unjustified division that exists today in the CBS.”

  2. Tם Devorah kol hakavod for your persistence.
    Regarding the comment from the video "I thought that he was just a regular pastor" etc. Every xn by their own definition is a missionary, they might use different language, being sent, sharing, reaching, etc, but it boils down to the same thing.

  3. I meant when he quoted, "... a regular pastor".


  4. I think this is the scariest thing I've read so far. It's as if we have been brought back to ancient times. H' Yerachem. Why are the Jews of EY uniting just for this reason alone. It is everything. We must cry out to the highest Heavens Above for H's Rachamim and send us our Goel tzedek to redeem us. Everyone reading this should send this to as many as they can; spreading the word is imperative.
    We must remember they can conspire all they want but Hashem is with His children Yisrael!