23 January 2022


21 Shevat 5782

Do not be fooled!  This is just another attempt by Eisav to hold onto power and position - power and position which rightly belongs to Yisrael.

Non-Jewish US House reps form congressional ‘Caucus for Advancement of Torah Values’

JTA — Two non-Jewish members of Congress announced the formation of the Congressional Caucus for the Advancement of Torah Values on Wednesday in an effort “to pledge our friendship to our Jewish friends,” according to a statement by Republican Don Bacon, who is co-chairing the caucus.

“This Caucus is going to be so important in a bipartisan way. We have to be able to have the strength so we know what’s good, what’s bad, what’s moral and what’s not moral,” Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who is the caucus’s other chair, said in a statement.

...The meeting was also attended by Rabbi David Hofstedter, the Canadian founder of an Israel-based organization called Dirshu. The mission of the organization, founded in Toronto in 1997 but now based in Jerusalem, is to encourage the study of Torah.

Speaking to the group at the opening session, Hofstedter claimed that “Torah values” were the “foundation of the USA” and repeatedly mentioned freedom of religion as one of those “Torah values.”
So what's wrong with it?  Here is a list of problems...
  • These Congressmen are avowed Christians, idolaters following a false god, whose understanding of the Torah is skewed to the side of Christianity, which is false.
  • They proclaim a "brotherhood and sisterhood" with Jews which is another falsehood.
  • They want to "fight" antisemitism which is a tool in the hand of Hashem which can be "fought" only through Jewish repentance for the violation of these same Torah laws.  It can't be done through legislation.
  • They want to "support Israel" but only as long as it remains a little sister clone of the USA.  These same people will fight the real Mashiach.
  • It's admitted aim is to strengthen the United States - make it "Great Again" so it can continue to rule over the rest of the world and keep Israel under its thumb.  That's not God's plan as revealed by our Sages.
Here are some quotes taken from the transcript of this just-published video: The Inauguration of the Congressional Caucus for the Advancement of Torah Values
"...commitment to preserving our nation's moral fabric and the values on which our great country was founded...." 
"...there's nothing partisan about preserving our nation's sacrosanct values of exercising our religion and faith freely...."
"...the purpose of this is really to pledge our friendship to our Jewish friends and our brothers and sisters...." [i.e. another step into assimilation.]
"...obviously six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis but I think us as believers have a choice when we confront something like this.  Do we wallow in hate, do we wallow in revenge, or do we turn evil and turn our actions into something positive?" 
"...the first Torah caucus ... is really a remarkable event and I think it's a testament to the strengthened vitality of the American democracy...."
"...advance these Torah values, fight against anti-semitism, fight against hatred in all of its forms, fight for freedom of religion, fight for the beliefs, the values that made this country so great.  ...We should always be mindful of the Torah values as embodied in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence...."
"...Our nation's best days are still ahead." [God forbid!  As long as America reigns, there is no Mashiach and no Beit HaMikdash!!]
I don't know about you, but I do not want us to be involved with anything that prolongs this horrific exile!  Notice that they have their token rabbi, with the 'added attraction' of being the offspring of Holocaust survivors, involved.  Without Jewish participation, they can't hope to succeed.  Tumah has to attach itself to kedushah.

Just to clarify, this is not about the righteous among the nations advancing the Noahide Code of Law for gentiles, it's about more firmly establishing Christianity as a State religion for the US with tolerance for Jews [up to a point].

Note that by using the term "Torah VALUE" they unlink it to Torah LAW, putting such "values" on the level of things they deem beneficial for society but not something you do because God Almighty commanded it.

And once and for all, "Freedom of Religion" is emphatically NOT a "Torah value"!!!  All human beings are bidden to worship The One God - the only Creator - King alone over the entire Universe - and do so in accordance with the laws and instructions given to/for them in the Holy Torah, not whatever they make up their minds they'd like to offer.

Next question: Who is really behind this?  

(See the Follow-Up)


  1. To me, this is so obvious as it just proves what you've been writing about. Gathering up the Jews to take them to Israel, so they can work their tumah to convert us. Trouble is there are too many reeally, really stupid Jews, r'l. This is probably all part of that goal. These phony erev rav rabbis must all be exposed for who they are!

  2. Devorah Chaya... your constant research is exhaustive and you not only keep your eye on the ball but spend so much time summarizing (with links) and teaching it to others. Thank you so much for your important blog here. May Hashem bless your efforts with success to long continue until Moshiach!