27 January 2022

Their "FRIENDSHIP" is Nothing but a PLOY

25 Shevat 5782

They are predators. Time for a review.  

Eisav attaches to the Erev Rav and gets them to do the dirty work.

Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana on Wednesday [Jan. 12, 2022] unveiled his government-backed proposal to reform the state-sponsored process for converting to Judaism.

...Kahana said there are 450,000 people living in Israel who have Jewish ancestry but are not considered Jewish under Orthodox law, mostly immigrants from former Soviet Union countries. The proposed legislation, he said, “is the only way to deal with this challenge.”

...The bill was drawn up with advice from several leading rabbis in the Modern Orthodox movement,....

...As part of plans to make deep changes in state-controlled Jewish religious services, Kahana announced last week that conversions to Judaism will be headed by Rabbi Benayahu Brunner, who is affiliated with Tzohar, a group of relatively liberal Orthodox rabbis.

It is well-known that some part, if not all, of these 450,000 are associated with some form of Christianity.  They have refused to convert up to now because they have no intention of keeping mitzvot.  The ultimate goal is clearly to destroy the integrity of Klal Yisrael.  Just another part of the ongoing war against HKB"H.


  1. From which woodwork did this kahana come out of. He reminds me he might be the reincarnation of Bilam himself. The 'state' is in big trouble with the Ribbono Shel Olam. It has descended to the abyss.
    Time for Moshiach!

  2. I think, with Hashem's help, I am starting to recognize the difference between the erev rav and those Jews who simply want to follow their desires and embrace western ideology instead of submitting to Hashem and His unchanging Torah. It is difficult to be holy, especially in our generations. Eisav tries to make us believe that we can have an easier life and the best of both worlds: a Torah "lifestyle" and western ideology,along with the acceptance of the western gentiles. It's all a huge lie: what Eisav does best. I was myself and lived within the Dati Leumi community for over a decade and this kind of belief is rife. These DL Jews defend the west over true Torah values and hate the chareidim. When you try to get through to them, they are adamant about not hearing you. It's so pathetic because they are willingly being fooled. The erev rav makes my blood boil... they are not form the same soul root as Jews. But these weak, self-indulgent misguided DL Jews (lots of the modern orthodox) are so pathetic, it is cringe worthy. I believe Hashem will keep tightening the noose until they are forced to choose one side or the other. Perhaps this Christian stuff (Eisav showing it's true colors... "Love, love, love" until Jews reject Yushka and then the violence starts) will be the catalyst for that? Everytime I hear the name of their idol I want to throw up. Everytime I see their fake pig hooves I want to throw up. Everytime I hear "provoke them to jealousy" (knowing they are the ones who are jealous of us) I want to throw up. What liars they are. No wonder Hashem hates Eisav. We need to try and save as many Jews as we can from them. Thanks for posting this. Shabbat shalom.

  3. Deb, it is true there are the useful idiots who follow and are not really erev rav souls, but those who 'head/lead' this war against H' are total Erev Rav Amaleikim. Not one iota less, no excuses! These are such unforgiveable sins against G-D, His Torah and His people, that it is hard for anyone to not see what they really are. They are continuing into the fourth reich, c'v. This, I do believe, is all part of the process leading us to the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu. We pray it will be soon with chesed & rachamim!