18 January 2022


17 Shevat 5782

As the end of the charade appears in sight, is this just an exercise in CYA???


  1. How do these people look into the mirror at themselves? What a bunch of crock. How do they lie to themselves and to the world. Most people with an IQ above ten already know the truth. Charpah v'busha! These are creatures who have no G-D! Can't listen to any more lies. Hoping the real Jews in Israel have been brought back to reality and now can tell the difference between truth from fiction.

  2. This was a test of Emuna. Did you listen to the "experts" or did you pray and listen to Hashem?

  3. Sadly, most listed to the 'experts'. This was a test from the very start and yet so many of our people, frum and secular, believed in so-called experts. How disgusting!