18 September 2019

This Is the Scariest Time to Be Alive!

19 Elul 5779

DISCLAIMER:  Before I say what I have to say, let me just preface it with the assurance that I have complete faith in HKB"H and I know that He will never let The Powers That Be succeed in the end with their evil plans, but we can see with our own eyes how they are managing to advance their cause with little to no resistance from us.  How far they go and how much we will lose in the process will be determined by our own awareness of what is occurring and our reaction to it.


This blog has been documenting the following information for years now.  Regular readers have already seen the proofs, but up to now, we've never spelled it out in so many words. We've been assembling the puzzle pieces bit by bit until we could see the bigger picture emerge.  Suddenly, those of us who are working to expose it and oppose it are being overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information coming out.  Some global signal was given that there was no longer any need to work in the shadows.  Their plan has advanced to the stage where they believe they can't be stopped.  And believe it or not that signal was the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, because that's when everything changed.

Please forgive me if this goes long.  

You see, we are already in the War of Gog uMagog, in its psychological and spiritual phase.  The main battle now is for "hearts and minds," although the time will come when it becomes a physical war to force Gog's will on those who could not be won over with "softer" methods.  The public leaders are affiliated with the Dominionist movement of Christianity.  The power standing in the shadows at the top can be found in the 2,000-year-old capital of Eisav/Edom/Rome - the Vatican.  Just ask any good Jew who has been fighting the Vatican takeover of Kever David without success!  The foot soldiers are mainly "Israel-loving" Evangelicals.  

The aim is two-fold.  First and foremost, "The Final Solution of the Jewish Problem" - the annihilation of Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State through mass assimilation which is already well underway, as you all very well know.  (This is why the Enlightenment, the Reform and the Conservative movements, even "Open Orthodoxy" were conceived. Also the Women of the Wall! This is what I mean by "infiltration" and it has been going on for generations in some respects.)  

The bearers and protectors of Ultimate Truth are the only barrier to their second aim which is world domination. The State of Israel will be Jewish in name only and any Jew who refuses to assimilate will not be tolerated.  Any Jew who holds by the Torah as handed down to us from Sinai will be labeled a "terrorist" for holding "extremist" views and a danger to the public welfare!  This is already happening here in the State of Israel!!!  Just ask Meir Ettinger!!!

These are not religious or God-fearing people at the top.  They are not interested in "saving souls."  They want power and control and they want to erase HKB"H from His world.  They are the souls of the Dor Haflagah who built the Tower of Bavel.  I don't think the evangelical base they are using to promote their agenda globally even has a clue what is really going on.  Their hearts and minds have already been captured and enslaved by the largest cult in the world - Christianity.

They have invented a plan for a New World Religion that would bring all people under the banner of "JC."  They don't really care what you believe about him.  You're a Jew and you think he was a misunderstood rabbi?  Fine.  You're a Muslim and you revere him as a prophet?  Great!  You're agnostic, but you respect his peaceful, loving teachings?  Not a problem.  But the beauty of this is:  who is the globally recognized representative of "JC" on earth today?  The Pope, of course!  There is even a special term for him in that capacity:  Vicar of C*****.  In order to lay the groundwork for this shift of global consciousness about Yeshu, they built an entire infrastructure of people and organizations to carry it out through infiltration in every nation.

This is their model of global domination:  The Conquest of The Seven Mountains of Culture or Influence. (See HERE if you don't already know.) They are:
  • The Mountain of Government
  • The Mountain of Education
  • The Mountain of Media
  • The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment
  • The Mountain of Religion
  • The Mountain of Family
  • The Mountain of Business
The Nation of Israel is currently under attack by these Dominionists as they wage a cultural war for control of these "Seven Mountains" in the Holy Land, and they are doing it with the invaluable assistance of a fifth column. Who do you think is behind the current anti-Torah, anti-chareidi drive in the Knesset???  The secular Russian-Israeli Liberman gave his conditions today for joining the coalition:
  • "Ultra-Orthodox" military draft
  • Civil Marriage
  • Public transportation and commerce on Shabbat
  • Chareidi secular education
And that's just for starters.  But, can't you see how this serves more than one agenda?  It looks eminently reasonable, justifiable and even desirable to the Western Powers That Be.  Heck!  To any Westerner period!  This is the very thing Pence was referring to when he talked about our free democracy here. They mean to turn us into another State in the United States. For those of us who fear God, this is an existential disaster!

Religion for the elite is merely a means to controlling the other 99%.  But, they understand the power of kedushah the same way the Satan does, and they want to harness that power in order to gain riches, honor and glory, but most of all - power - for themselves.  That's why they covet the Temple Mount.  It is both the holiest and the most power-filled spot on earth.  If you've ever been up there or in the tunnels alongside the western wall, you have felt it, and you know what I'm saying is true.

Have you seen what they are already doing at the entrance to Holy Jerusalem today, in addition to the multiplicity of luxury apartment towers now dotting the city that few Israelis can afford to buy?  This all started since the year 2000.  See JERUSALEM GATEWAY.

If I were looking for a Dominionist lackey in Eretz Yisrael, I'd find no better example of the possibilities than "Rabbi" Tuly Weisz.

 One of his websites says:

Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz is the founder of Israel365 and serves as the editor of The Israel Bible and publisher of Breaking Israel News. He is a sought after speaker and a columnist for the Jerusalem Post, Fox News and Newsmax who writes passionately about Israel, the Bible and Jewish-Christian relations. In addition to his writings, Rabbi Tuly has appeared alongside Alan Dershowitz on ILTV, on CBN’s “700 Club”, Daystar, Israel National News, TBN and numerous other television appearances. An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, Tuly attended Yeshiva University (BA), Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (Rabbinic Ordination) and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law (JD) and served as the Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio before making Aliyah. Tuly lives with his wife and is blessed with 5 children and lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. Rabbi Tuly often speaks to Evangelical groups visiting Israel and loves to fellowship with Christians about Israel and the Bible,....
ISRAEL365 was started on January 1, 2012 by Rabbi Tuly Weisz to connect Christians with the Land and the People of Israel, .... Through the important causes we support and our educational materials, Israel365 is your daily connection to the Land of Israel. Our readers are eager to bless the families living in the Holy Land and have contributed to feed needy Israelis and Holocaust survivors and have planted multitudes of trees to beautify the Land and to help bring prophecy to life.

OUR NEWSLETTERS - Our popular email newsletters go out each day to over 300,000 watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem featuring stunning photographs alongside inspiring Biblical verses, entertaining videos and latest news stories.

THE ISRAEL BIBLE - Israel365 published our very own The Israel Bible which is available both online and as a print Bible. The Israel Bible provides the original Hebrew and a modern English translation alongside our original commentary to better illustrate God’s focus on the Land, the People and the God of Israel.

BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS (BIN) - We are constantly amazed at what is happening in the Jewish homeland each day and started Breaking Israel News to provide you with the latest news, from a biblical perspective.

While our passionate readers are mainly Evangelical Christian Zionists from around the world, our talented staff are all Orthodox Jews living in Israel.
[NOTE:  Anything promoted by BIN, especially on a regular basis, is in some way connected to the Dominionist agenda.] 
YESHIVA FOR THE NATIONS - ...offer[s] authentic Jewish education to students who are not Jewish. [It] is an Orthodox institution, governed in accordance with Jewish law. All course offerings, both on-line and residential, are taught by Orthodox Jews from Israel and are designed for those interested in dipping into the wellsprings of Jewish learning. Your existing religious identity and faith are respected....

ISRAEL MEDIA NETWORK - offers advertising, email blasts, public relations, email marketing, social media, website optimization, content marketing, digital fundraising, graphic design, google grant.

Whether you need to reach Israel advocates, tourists, consumers or thought leaders, the Israel Media Network supplies proven results through targeted and engaging online campaigns. What keeps our advertisers coming back is not only our large reach, but our knowledge of what works with our pro-Israel audience. [For the shock of your life, check out "Our Brands/Our Clients/Endorsements."  All of these are either part-of or sold-out-to the Dominionist plot!]

KNESSET BIBLE STUDY - Believing that the Bible has essential truths to teach and should shape our societal values, many Christians are eager for government officials to delve into Scripture for practical lessons in leadership. ...a US-based Christian group that has introduced ongoing Bible study in the US Congress...now hopes to bring that same inspiration to the Knesset.

Pastor Jim Garlow, a member of President Trump’s faith advisory council, and his wife...reached out to MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick (Likud) about hosting a Bible study at the Knesset.

Because of the sensitive nature of Christians and Jews studying Bible together, my organization, Israel365, which serves as a bridge between Christian Zionists and Israel, was called in to collaborate on the program.
By this, one can clearly see how Tuly Weisz could be fighting the culture war on the side of The Dominionist Powers That Be...
  • The Mountain of Government - Knesset Bible Study
  • The Mountain of Education - Yeshiva For the Nations
  • The Mountain of Media - Breaking Israel News
  • The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment - ?
  • The Mountain of Religion - The Israel Bible
  • The Mountain of Family - ?
  • The Mountain of Business - Israel Media Network
Remember that Awake Jerusalem (idolatrous) "Worship" Event I mentioned at the end of yesterday's blog post?  Well Israel 365 endorses it on their website...

But this is just one small example of many, many activities going on all over the country being carried out by people and organizations which infiltrated our country decades ago and have been building and preparing for this very day.  The 70-year anniversary of the State seems to be considered a great turning point for them.  If you are finding this very hard to believe, just read on.  This took place last year.  In their own words...

Welcome to a very important Conference in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and to Tel Aviv, the heart of innovation and future technologies. A new hour has arrived, and Israel is celebrating it’s 70th anniversary this year. We live in an interesting time. The world is looking for prosperity and wellbeing. The Jewish people, and their country Israel, have always been a dynamic enabler and provider of wealth and blessings. Despite hardship and persecution, such as the holocaust and today’s DBS movement*, they have overcome and created astonishing results in business, science and government. Why? The reason is that God called Abraham to be a father of many nations and, because of His faith and obedience, a righteous covenant was signed between God and Abraham, which is the basis for this Conference. In Genesis 12:2-3 it says: “I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; And you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

We understand that the Lord keeps His promises and His word will be fulfilled. We will soon see the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a sign from heaven. We truly believe that the time has come for the Body of C***** in the nations to stand in the gap for Israel,....

...Our hope and prayer for this Conference is that it will be a tool in the hands of the Lord to highlight the message of our timesIsrael is a Commonwealth enabler in a new dimension to the ends of the earth! We, the ICCC, strongly believe that our long-standing commitment (since 1991) to Israel and the Jewish people is an essential part of our calling. Our desire to serve this nation with fruitful relationships and business connections with the Christian community around the world is even more important for the future! So, we are dreaming of:
  • The Commonwealth of Israel - releasing a blessing to the nations for the days to come,
  • A new ambassadorial network of Christians making key decisions together with the Lord in Jerusalem, paving the way for the future,
  • A new mutual collaboration between the nations and Israel, especially in the business and working life.
...The program includes an Israeli government-arranged event, called Arise, with wonderful presentations on relevant topics for today, plus business matchmaking opportunities. We also have an ICCC leaders gathering before the Conference starts, as well as our IGM and/or optional industry or tourist tours after it finishes. Remember, we not only have a common history with the Jewish people, but we also have a common future!

Jan Sturesson, Chairman ICCC International Board
(See the brochure here.  Check out Jan Sturesson here.  You will be surprised.)
It's hard to wrap your head around how high up these people go and the sophistication of their plans to make Jerusalem the World Trade Center of their New World Order.  

[ICCC stands for International Christian Chamber of Commerce - Jerusalem will be their global headquarters]

(December 2019 Conference brochure.)

Why is this the scariest time to be alive? Because the truth is so hard to find and because ignorance is an epidemic and confusion is rampant.

For another overview of the plan by those who saw it before I did, read:  THE VATICAN AGENDA by Joel Bainerman, a"h.  He foresaw a false messiah.  It's definitely in the cards, but will it get that far?


  1. Well, we can see how far they've reached because I was in the middle of writing my comment and they made it disappear. What's hard to understand on a rational level is how are they not afraid to literally go against the Creator; they must somehow understand this is not possible. But, of course, absolute power corrupts absolutely (all part of the soton). These are the true amaleikim!
    This situation should have been clear to every Jew, especially in EY, when the vulture gave away kever Dovid and most should have realized his attachment to the sitra achra.
    Another thought, where are the gedolei Yisrael throughout these last years since Oslo, making sure that this should have never gotten this far. I know they supposedly don't know what's happening outside of the Torah environment but everything normal was spiralling downward, why didn't they make sure to know what is really happening outside their little world, so it should have never reached such a dangerous level. Guess, they know that H' is in control and, of course, they know the end of the story. But, how much easier to put your foot down early and not to have let this dangerous and vile desecration take hold in Eretz Hakodesh! H' yerachem and only because of the righteous women (you and other such blogs, etc.) and, of course, because of all those yeshivot where all those boys and men who are learning true Torah and doing mitzvot. H' yerachem al klal Yisrael and the true Yiddishe neshamot! Please H' - Moshiach tzdkeinu, in a blink of an eye!

  2. How on earth can the "Israel Media Network" claim the following as THEIR brands?

    The Jerusalem Post
    Arutz Sheva
    Israel Video Network
    And maybe others on the list?

    All IMN did is sell their services to them, as far as what I read at the link revealed. They didn't start these companies, or name them. Even if they contributed loans and money as part of a board (of banks and other moneylenders and the like), these brands are still not their property. If I understand this properly, it is outright misappropriation and fraud to claim branding like that.

    1. They are all on the same side:

      JPost- pushes the American democratic ethos and makes the link between Christians and the Jewish State with its "Christian Edition".

      Arutz Sheva - owned by the Melamed family. Rabbi Melamed approved the eviction of Jews from Har Bracha to make room for HaYovel to settle in and called them "righteous gentiles". A7 caters to the so-called Christian Zionists.

      Aish - since their founder's passing, they've been allowing Christian groups, including known missionaries, to film and photograph freely from their rooftop.

      In other words, they are all in with the Christians. There could be more, but I have not investigated it deeply enough - no time. This is just common knowledge. IVN I am unfamiliar with.