24 January 2022

"In the Seventh Year - Wars!"

22 Shevat 5782

It's been a long time coming, but it's the Master of the Universe who ultimately decides on the timing of these things.

US Orders Families Of Diplomats To "Immediately" Leave Ukraine As Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands Of Troops To Eastern Europe

NATO sends extra ships and jets, as UK pulls some embassy staff out of Ukraine and Ireland says war games off its coast are 'not welcome'
Putin is being backed into a corner.  He could use a delaying tactic and put it off for a few more months, but it also costs to keep troops and arms at the ready like this.  A decision must be made soon.  War looks inevitable.  

...[Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Alexander] Fomin said it would take through February 9 to fully deploy weapons and personnel for the Allied Resolve 2022 drills, which are expected to take place February 10-20.