01 June 2020


9 Sivan 5780

The lecture itself is from 2019, but this is allegedly the first time it is online.  Very appropos.


  1. Thank you for putting this on your blog Devash. Appreciate it, as, as a Noahide, i was feeling upset and scared.
    But Rabbi Anova, explains that all who follow Hashem, will be protected too and this has helped me especially to just keep praying and hanging on to Hashem in this now upside down world.

    Will do my utmost to hang on to Hashem.

    One question i ask you, I=if one prays for ones family to Hashem, even though they are not of the same thinking as i am, will Hashem please save them too, as i pray and beg for my family ?

    Hashem bless you and yours, and Hashem help us all who follow Hashem. Amen.


  2. To Anonymous who wrote "H' is All Chesed & Rachamim":

    Had it not been for that false characterization of HKB"H, I would have published your remarks.

  3. I feel like the Jews are in a deep sleep, "dreaming their lives away" and if you try to wake them up, they turn on you, and tell you to think positive thoughts. I guess the sun shone over Auschwitz too, why just look at the bad? But seriously what, for crying out loud, is it going to take to wake them up?

    Recently Rav Ron Shaya quoted Rav Kanievski, as saying that if the teenage daughter in a family refused to make aliya, they should make aliya anyway. These are extreme times and require extreme measures. Rav Anava just said in this video that his great grandfather left his presumably elderly mother behind because she refused to leave. In Rav Shaya's words paraphrasing Rav Kanievski, "sauve qui peut", rough translation "run for your life". And this was before the new mayhem.

    I know that there are Jews in difficult situations. I propose that every Jew who is able-bodied and/or with means should find another Jew in a vulnerable situation (alone, broke, in care home, etc) and help that person come to Israel. Be"D there has to be a way for every Jew to come home. This time we must not leave behind the vulnerable.