28 June 2020


6 Tammuz 5780

Yes, we are at war on every level of life in this country.  It is an all-out assault which threatens to annihilate the soul and cut us off from this land - sullying and destroying whatever kedusha is left in this world.  And the United States is at the very forefront leading the attack.

It's not coincidental that the US Embassy office on Agron Street hung a large banner celebrating "Pride" last week, as the park opposite this building, appropriately named Independence Park, has always been the Pride crowd's favored spot for their annual celebration.  You will likely recall that the annual parade's starting point is usually Liberty Bell Park - also not coincidentally named - and passes in front of the American Cultural Center whose raison d'etre is to export American culture to the Holy City.  It's also the most notable Anglo area of Jerusalem - Rehavia/Talbiya.

After telling us that the parades would be cancelled this year, "rallies" have now been approved and it's all taking place today.

I only found out about it this morning when reading about these "pre-emptive arrests"...
3 right-wing activists arrested ahead of LGBTQ rally in Jerusalem

Three activists from the Jewish extremist group Lehava were arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning on suspicion that they were planning to disrupt a pro-LGBTQ rally set to take place in Jerusalem.

Jewish extremist group Lehava said planning to disrupt LGBTQ rally in Jerusalem

...The Jerusalem Municipality sparked an uproar on Tuesday by removing an LGBTQ pride banner from an external wall of a US embassy facility in the capital. The city’s far-right deputy mayor said the embassy had failed to request permission to hang the sign, which expressed support for “tolerance and diversity.”
Depicted as "anti-coexistence" rather than anti-assimilationist, Lehava has also been labeled "extremist" and a "terrorist" group because it opposes Western cultural "values" in deference to the Torah.

A few weeks ago, Rabbi Ben Tzion Gopstein who founded Lehava was put on trial for charges of being "the leader of a Jewish extremist group, ...incitement to violence, racism, and terrorism." The charges were brought by the Reform movement's Israel Religious Action Center. (Source)

Oh, and in case you missed it, the Women of the Wall inciters were back in force at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.  

There can be no "unity" with other Jews in outright rebellion against the Master of the Universe.  Like we saw in the episode of the Golden Calf and again, in the episode with Korach - the loyalists MUST separate themselves and distance themselves from the contentious rebels, else we will share their ill-fate.

"Mi l'Hashem Elai!"


  1. Good news, despite all the troubles: the missionizing TV channel was suspended since they broke their promise of targeting only the Christian population by declaring their intention to proselytize to Jews. I don't know all the details, but it seems a positive step. I thought you should know this.

  2. Yes, thank you. B"H!! And thanks to all those who cancelled their HOT subscriptions. It's not over yet, however, as the missionaries are going to countersue that they met the conditions of their license. As long as the money keeps flowing and Mashiach tarries, the war goes on. We have to stay vigilant and do what we can to win the hearts and minds of Jews for the Torah way of thinking, what Rabbi Kahane of blessed memory called "The Jewish Idea."

  3. Culturally, there are two United States.
    One is the marxist, toeva, blm and antifa
    atheist people. The other is the extreme right, christian fascist, dominionist, missionary people. Both aggresively export their garbage around the world.

    Its like the usa is culturally schizophrenic. The rest of the world has to deal with their mental illness.

  4. Very apt observation, Anonymous@2:49 PM.

  5. SO, it really looks like Tammuz is the month for wars. On other fronts..

    Iran 'mystery' explosion may have been at a secret ballistic missile site

    Images show a burned field. It may have been an “external cyberattack aimed at sabotaging the facilities.”

    At least nine pro-Iranian fighters killed in alleged Israeli airstrike

    IRGC commander threatens Israel in rare message from Syria - report

  6. Also agree with commenter @2:49. But sadly the soI are trying to be a copy of that same U.S., the negative half! As what happened to Korach and his buddies, can also happen again to the wicked.

  7. Please, please, please consider joining this group. A rabbi is finally trying to organize something against this wicked nonsense!