21 June 2020

Next Steps of R Anava's Program to Rectify the Sin of the Spies

29 Sivan 5780
Erev Rosh Chodesh Alef (Tammuz)

LIVE Hachnasat Sefer Torah - Rabbi Alon Anava - Torah dedication  

(Starting 4 pm Israel time)

Buy a letter, a word or a verse in the Sefer Torah in order to fulfill the mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah.  (Minimum $5 = 17 Sheqel)


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Day 1 - Prepare for the journey!


Hello everyone. Many of us have decided to embark upon a journey of higher level tikkunim for 40 days starting motsay Shabbat to primarily help rectify the sin of the spies (lashon hara on the land of Israel) and the huge sin of detracting from Hashem’s honor by buying into their story and fearing anything but HaShem.  There is nothing to fear when it comes to living in Israel. Talking Lashon Hara about the land of Israel or living in it?  THAT is the fear!  One should fear down to their very essence and tremble to even be associated with someone who does that.

Some of us are making a taanit dibur (verbal fast) for 40 days - which brings me to my point. The chat was a nice experiment but on whole the chat platform does not lend support to the verbal fast endeavor and is too much of a slippery slope in general to be beneficial and as such, I will be taking the chat down. Rabbi Anava will continue post updates and lectures in the channel as usual, BH.

I would like to again stress to all those that feel the need to move to Israel and are hearing HaShem’s call, that by opening your eyes, HaShem has opened a gate for you! It is a blessing! Not everyone gets this blessing and those that don’t - just wont “get it”. If you have been blessed with this blessing it also means the gates of Teshuvah have also been opened for you!! There are many gates of Teshuvah. The trick is to find YOUR gate (and then push through it)... Regarding this, Tehillim is your key. One can find and open their gate of Teshuvah with the book of Tehillim. My advice? Act on it ASAP! (while you still can)… Cry, beg, plead with HaShem that He will hear your prayers and get you to Israel. If you are already in Israel it is incumbent upon you to help those that are trying to get here, to get here. In the coming days, HaShem willing, either I or Rabbi Anava will post more on this with some helpful links. Do not despair! We are praying for you!

For those that are Jewish and live outside of Israel this site is for you: https://www.nbn.org.il

For those that are not, but follow the Noachide laws and want to live here and / or convert… we are praying for you too! Things will be a little more complicated for you regarding getting to Israel. We hope and pray that the travel ban will be lifted for tourists Aug 1 like we are being told which BTW puts a nice spin on this 40 day tikkun that starts motsay Shabbat..

Perhaps…. Perhaps our collective 40 day tikkun / teshuvah effort will endear us a little to HaShem just enough that he allows the travel ban to be lifted, even if only for a few minutes. When it happens (HaShem willing) grab your packed bags and book the first flight out before the next quarantine.. Before its too late - Abandon ship or go down with it. Its time to sink or swim. It's your choice.. Teshuvah.. prayer… its all in your hands. Turn to HaShem, He is waiting.

More on the 40 days here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQiXY3vB7GY

Signup to join us on this endeavor here: https://www.atzmut.com/40-days

May you all be blessed by HaShem

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