02 June 2020

The Penalty For Tearing Eretz Yisrael From the Jews

10 Sivan 5780

What the world is witnessing in the United States today is the penalty for those who continue, despite many harsh warnings, to try to tear large portions of Eretz Yisrael from the hands of the Jewish people.  And as could be seen yesterday, the chaos is spreading across the globe because the whole world approves the plan to divide the land and give it to Israel's enemies.

I wish I could find the image, but I clearly recall Rabbi Mizrachi back in January holding up a newspaper showing two headlines side by side, one announcing the release of the "Deal of the Century" and the other announcing the outbreak in China of a novel coronavirus.

The "political" part of the Trump Peace Plan was revealed at a White House ceremony on January 28, 2020 and the WHO declared the coronavirus to be a global emergency on January 30, 2020.  January 27, 2020 was Rosh Chodesh Shevat!

Since then, there have been significant events occurring around each Rosh Chodesh.  The headlines on Rosh Chodesh Adar announced "World on Lockdown" and "Stocks Turn Red."  By Rosh Chodesh Nissan the headlines announced 1 million jobless in Israel and 3.3. million jobless in America while the borders were closed.

On Rosh Chodesh Iyyar, a cyber war broke out between Israel and Iran initiated by Iran with an unprecedented attack on our national water system.  Israel responded on Pesach Sheini with a counterattack on a major Iranian port and Iran came back again on Yom Yerushalayim with another cyber attack that affected hundreds of Israeli websites.

Additionally and notably on Rosh Chodesh Iyyar, the numbers of infected with the coronavirus in Israel began to decline.

Rosh Chodesh Sivan fell on May 24, 2020.  George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.

During all this time, we now know that Netanyahu has never ceased to hold meetings regarding the turnover of our Holy Land...
Israel, Saudi engaged in secret talks over Temple Mount: report

Israel and Saudi Arabia have been conducting clandestine talks about including Saudi representatives in the Islamic Waqf Council at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Hebrew-language daily Israel Hayom reported Monday.

Top anonymous Saudi diplomats told Israel Hayom that the two countries have been engaged in discussions since December, involving a limited negotiating team of senior diplomats and security officials from Israel, Saudi and the United States.

The talks are part of the Peace to Prosperity Middle East initiative formulated by US President Donald Trump’s administration, the report stated.

According to a top Saudi diplomat, up to a few months ago the Jordanians adamantly objected to any change in the Waqf Council. But the Hashemite Kingdom has changed its stance amid intensive Turkish interference in east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Israel Hayom reported.
And just yesterday...
Report: Netanyahu discusses annexation plans with Kushner, top diplomatic envoys

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly held talks with White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, along with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, over West Bank annexation plans on Monday, according to Hebrew-language broadcaster Channel 13.

Israel's Ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, was also reportedly included in the conversation.

During the discussion, according to Hebrew media sources, Kushner and White House officials urged Netanyahu “to greatly slow the process” of initiating Israeli annexation plans over West Bank territory, citing a number of challenges currently occupying the administration's attention at the moment.*

...The talks came just hours after Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz ordered the country's top military general to start preparing plans involving West Bank annexation.

Gantz said he instructed IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi to also provide plans on how to manage various Palestinian responses if Israel ultimately decides to extend its sovereignty into parts of the West Bank.

Speaking at his Blue and White party faction meeting, Gantz said that both he and the premier are in touch with the Trump administration on how to best execute the White House's vision for Middle East peace.

Under Israel's current government coalition agreement, moves to carry out Israel's annexation plans can begin after July 1.
*And the violence and destruction there is continuing to escalate.

Netanyahu will assuredly annex the 30% of the West Bank in accordance with the Trump Peace Plan because that is what he has been ordered to do by The Powers That Be.  And when he does, I have no doubts that it will launch The Third Messianic War.  (See also How Israeli Annexation Talk Is Already Reshaping the Middle East.)  It remains to be seen whether it will happen on July 1, 2020 or not, but be aware that the Hebrew date is 9 Tammuz.

I believe that war, whenever it happens, will bring with it the end of the Erev Rav regime and the revelation of Mashiach ben Yosef.  Only in this way can the gains of the war be properly managed.
"He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps."
Oh the irony of the White House suffering the same fate that awaits Israeli villages in Judea and Samaria should the President's plan be implemented.