03 June 2020

"OMG, Is This How Gog and Magog Looks? Scary!"

11 Sivan 5780


  1. mmmm embedding ads in a video...

    1. For sure, there should be some mention at the beginning as to what this opening video was about. I don't know if it is explained later in the video because I haven't gotten very far with it yet. But I do know that the rabbi intended any imbedded video to illustrate something important that he discusses in his shiur. It's not advertisement, God forbid!

    2. Having finished listening to the entire shiur and rewatching the introductory video clip, it's clear to me that it is meant to illustrate modern culture's claim to be Masters of their own Universe. Notice how many "towers" are seen and how technology is praised as Mankind takes control of every aspect of life on the planet - replacing the True Master of All.

    3. PS: You should be more dan l'kaf zechut - judging your brother favorably.