21 June 2020

"An Urgent Plea to American Jewry" (Continued)

29 Sivan 5780

"Do BLM? M-A-N. Do JLM? M-A-N. Be a M-A-N" Part 3.  [See also Part 1 and Part 2.]  All of Rabbi Yehudah Richter's past and future shiurim, can be found HEREPlease bookmark it.  This blog may be taking a break soon.

This could explain the rabbis in chu"l: Rabbi Nachman Kahana says...
"An old allegory states that when an owner wants to punish his herd, he blinds the leading sheep, who then misdirects the herd over the cliff to oblivion."


Diaspora Jews like to say that "Israel is galut [exile] also."  But, there is a big difference between the galut of the nations and the "galut" of Eretz Yisrael.  Among the nations, the Jews are physically mired in exile and can only get out of it by picking themselves up and resettling themselves in Eretz Yisrael.

The "galut" of Eretz Yisrael exists only insofar as the returning Jews have brought it in with them.  It's a mental state which can be changed at any time, instantaneously.



  1. Living in Israel is part of the redemption process, so yes there is still an element of galut, as the process is not yet complete, but in Steven Covey's words we're climbing the right ladder. Living in the diaspora is simply galut. In any case a Jew should always have a yearning to come to Israel, even if they are on essential shlichut, or are truly prevented from doing so.

    Also, there is the straw man argument of it being better to be a tsaddik in the diaspora than a rasha in Israel. On a deep level, there are no rashaim in Israel. Even we can't see it, the fact that a person merits to live in EY means that on a hidden level they are a tsaddik. And isn't it simply better to bring your tsidkanut and be a tsaddik in Israel?

    On a practical level, frum families and communities in the diaspora make enormous financial sacrifices to give their children a Torah education, yet the Torah education in Israel is on a much higher level, and much cheaper or free.

    Jews are not just individuals, families or even communities. We are a nation, and it is only in Israel that one can live a national life as a Jew. Even if a Jew is not doing anything amazing in Israel, all their mitzvot are attributed to Am Yisrael, and do not give power to the nations of the world. Rav Anava says the more frum Jews there are in Israel the greater our spiritual hold on the land, which also hastens the geula.

    In Chessed L'Avraham, it is written that a Jew outside of EY does not have a neshama, only a nefesh. I heard this in a shiur by Rav Touitou, a French rabbi. In general French rabbis can and do speak more forthrightly, as their public is more able to hear the truth.

    Everything I have written, I have learnt in shiurim. I just wrote a short summary.

    1. Sorry I disagree I live in Israel and a rasha in Israel is still a rasha if he does what is forbidden in Torah.

  2. YES. As Rabbi Meir Kahane said, "Each one brought his MINSK, his PINSK and his MARRAKESH". And NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED in seventy years since the Erev Rav Run State of Israel Regime (under which we all suffer) was established !!!

  3. Also from Rav Touitou, on three occasions a Jew is forgiven all his sins: on conversion, on marriage, and on making aliyah. I think that this was also from Chessed L'Avraham, but definitely from the rav's shiur.

  4. Why do quotes from whatever holy source, or shiur etc, mean it is true? There has to be some sort of empirical evidence, surely?

  5. Interesting, youtube disallowed a comment that the protests and riots are neither about black lives nor police brutality, but in furtherance of a communist/fascist takeover. And that the the genre of dystopia fiction has now become the new normal, taking the knee, silence is violence and war is peace.