"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

04 December 2019


6 Kislev 5780

Really good!!

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  1. I'm only two minutes in and don't know how much more I can listen to. This is so galuti. Make aliya to Israel where Jewish holidays are national holidays, and you have two optional days off a year for tisha b'av and purim, and the spirit of Jewish holidays is in the air, as is shabbat, and you can forget about all the goyish nonsense.

    As for anyone who asks the question, they are really showing extreme ignorance. Is it normal to ask a person why they don't celebrate the holidays of another faith? And if it is a Jewish person asking, I suggest they see this,


    The Real Story of X-mas & New Years Eve - By Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen