15 December 2019

Preparing the World for Mashiach

17 Kislev 5780

Societies are in chaos...
Why are so many countries witnessing mass protests?

FOR ANYONE trying to follow protest movements around the world it is hard to keep up. Large anti-government demonstrations, some peaceful and some not, have taken place in recent weeks in places on every continent....
Nature is in chaos...
Extreme weather patterns are raising the risk of a global food crisis, and climate change will make this worse

...when the jet stream — the high-altitude air current that steers storms and separates air masses, takes on more undulating and persistent wavy shapes (technically known as “Rossby waves,” after the scientist Carl-Gustaf Rossby), extreme heat events become more common in particular parts of the world. These locations include the breadbasket regions of western North America, Western Europe, western Russia, and western Asia, depending on the exact jet stream pattern that develops and locks into place.
Governments are in chaos...
'Not my prime minister', protesters march in London against Johnson

Several hundred noisy protesters marched through central London on Friday to protest against Britain's election result, chanting "Boris Johnson: Not My Prime Minister" and "Boris, Boris, Boris: Out, Out, Out".

'Solemn step': Democrats unveil articles of impeachment against Trump

Democratic congressional leaders have unveiled articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, a historic move set in motion by a whistleblower complaint warning the president was using the power of his office to solicit foreign interference in a US election.

Israel heading for unprecedented third election in a year

Israel appears to be heading for an unprecedented third election within a year – prolonging a political stalemate that has paralysed the government and undermined many citizens’ faith in the democratic process.
It's all part of HKB"H's plan to prepare the world for the arrival of Mashiach. What we are witnessing today is the breakdown of the seed in the darkness of the ground from which the sprout of new life will emerge.  The Era of Mashiach will be as different from the present world as the seed is from the plant.


  1. Endless stupidity everywhere. The real rectification would be to send the descendants back to live in Africa. Yet, even with compensation, not one African American would choose that. There is no justification for the past horrors of slavery, but now in the present, the descendants of slaves in the US are better off and have more opportunities than most of their counterparts in Africa, who would love to be able to live in the US.

    As for your point, tragically, most of the Jews in the diaspora are not only in physical exile, but have literally lost their minds to the exile. My aliyah prayer was triggered by something I saw in a prayer for rain written by a rabbi. (Specifically the words "our fair island", and I guess very specifically the word "our".) It's one thing being stuck in exile, but recognising it as such, and praying for the welfare of one's country of abode in an expression of gratitude, but quite another to write a prayer in which you wholeheartedly identify with your exile. If someone believes in prayer, and can even write their own prayers, why not pray for what is truly important? And so I wrote a prayer for aliya. I posted it on the other site too. Sadly and unsurprisingly it provoked the same old worn out comments. They can't even bring themselves to just say, I strongly encourage every Jew to make aliya,and those of us for whom it is particularly challenging must beg Hashem to help us. If that is not galut of the mind I don't know what is.