11 December 2019

"The Fascinating Story of Hanukkah You've Never Heard Before"

13 Kislev 5780

R. Richter: The Fascinating Story of Hanukkah You've Never Heard Before

Some might also be interested in the following audio of Gideon Sa'ar...  


  1. Hi Devash.

    RE: Minister Sa'ar's moral clarity, I'm wondering why he seems to be teaming up with Xians. He spoke at the Israel Allies Foundation, which seems to have been initiated by Xians in 2007; and the show you linked to also highlights the efforts of Xian politicians in the US to outlaw not only boycotts of Israel, but also the singling out of Israel for labeling of products in such a way that will surely discourage buyers for "moral" reasons. I wonder when and for how much the Xian community will hold its hand out, when the time comes. I hope Mashiah is revealed before things threaten to get out of hand.

    Can't wait for the rest of R' Richter's "Fascinating Story of Hanukkah You've Never Heard Before."

    1. I guess Mr. Sa'ar is trying to look like Prime Minister material. Maybe he thinks if he styles himself as Bibi 2.0, the Likudnikim won't be so afraid to take a chance on him. Who knows!

      But, if you want to show yourself a serious contender for the PM seat, you have to speak English, make nice with the Americans and curry favor with the Christians. That's the sorry state of Israeli politics today. MASHIACH NOW!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing surprises anymore. Just saw a photo on the LifeinIsrael blog (from Bet Shemesh) where the former chief Rav Amar was at a conference in Bahrain (I think) with other religious leaders. These type of things were always issur for the Orthodox. Now, anything goes.