02 December 2019

America - "Land of Chesed"

5 Kislev 5780



  1. Like one person points out, if you ever fall into that crack you might never get out. About 26 years ago, before credit scores were a big thing, my family and I were forced by unforeseen circumstances into a situation where we were staying in a motel and trying to find a home to rent. We had two professional incomes, but this was before cellphones and we did not have a telephone number to give out. Every potential landlord we called answered by machine and required we leave a number for a call back. Just the fact of not having a current working telephone eliminated our prospects for obtaining housing that we actually could have afforded, but that fact deemed us a "risk" in the eyes of most landlords.

    You hear a few people admit it, but not enough - the real problem is affordable housing for people at lower income levels, but also there needs to be some kind of standard that prevents landlords from pushing certain populations right out of the housing market through unfair demands.

  2. From the comments

    "The bus companies all over the state are putting BARS across the seats at all of their bus stops to make sure nobody could try to sleep on them.."

  3. Do believe today's lifestyles and technology have made things much harder because if one cannot afford the latest of whether it be phones, computers, etc., one is out of the loop and loses much access to many of the necessities in today's lifestyles. This is worldwide in most of the developed countries. Also, because of the increased immigration of different peoples and cultures, it brings about too much intrusion & invasion of privacy and increased bureaucracy. The bottom line is money! There is a decrease in the middle class caused by all of this and we find the increase of both the very wealthy and the poor. Now there is growing homelessness in the States. Many more problems than before!