09 December 2019

Whose Messiah? Whose Anti-Messiah?

12 Kislev 5780

Netflix will be airing a new series on Jan. 1, 2020 called "Messiah."  This is only of interest because it coincides with the time when we are [I am?] expecting the Jewish Messiah to make his presence known.  It's ironic that this new series seems to create a Messiah character by mixing the Christian and Muslim traditions together.  (From the trailer, he looks and talks like a Palestinian J*sus, but he has the name given to the Anti-Messiah by the Quran - Al-Masih ad-Dajjal.)  But, the debate completely leaves out any Jewish connection.  Maybe that's a good thing?  

It has already created a lot of controversy online even before it has been seen.  There are loads of Youtube videos by both Christians and Muslims discussing its pros and cons.  There is even a campaign calling for Netflix subscribers to cancel their accounts in protest of the series as "blasphemy."  Of course, this is coming from people who believe the Messiah is also Divine, God forbid!

When people get their information about who and what the Messiah is from the New Testament or the Quran or - God forbid, Netflix! - it's no wonder they aren't going to recognize the real thing when they see it!  Maybe that's a good thing, too.  Even Netflix is ultimately run by HKB"H.
The Trailer For Netflix's Intense New Thriller Begs the Question: Messiah or Madman?

The line between miracles and madness is a thin one in the first trailer for Netflix's new geopolitical thriller. ...Messiah follows CIA agent Eva Geller as she encounters a mysterious figure who quickly gains global attention for his "miracles." While his cult-like followers see his godly actions as the work of a higher figure, Geller sees them as acts of public disruption and discovers that this Messiah may really be a sinister con artist with plans to dismantle the global balance of power.

But Geller is up against more than the Messiah's zen-like presence, razor-sharp cheekbones, and flowing locks; the mysterious stranger quickly converts people to his cause with several incredible acts, including allegedly saving a young woman from a violent tornado. As Geller searches for the truth behind the stranger's intentions, the tangled web of lies and secrets surrounding his existence gets more complex as his popularity grows.

MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020)

10 Surprising Facts About Messiah

Interesting that the skeptic - the character tasked with rooting out the truth - has a Jewish name - "Geller."  Another article notes the following...

“Messiah is a series that will have the audience asking big questions. What if someone showed up in [2020] amid strange occurrences and was thought to be the Messiah? What would society do? How would the media cover him? Would millions simply quit work? Could governments collapse?” ... “It’s a series that could change everything.”
Again,  they are basing their presumptions on a New Testament version of a messiah.  We could ask the same questions, but we would get entirely different answers.  I don't think Mashiach will announce who he is.  He'll have a job to do, and he will simply go about doing it.  WE will know that only Mashiach can do this particular job, so when we see who takes it up, we will be clued in to who he really is.  Whether we will talk about it openly or not, I don't know.  But, I believe it will be those who are most actively looking for Mashiach who will recognize him.  One thing you can be sure of, the leftists, the rabidly secular and the world community, especially the UN and the Vatican, will hate him and will censor him and anything he does, because it will be in fulfillment of the Torah and the Jewish national destiny!

Finally, he will fulfill the requirement for being the Anti-Messiah of both Christianity and Islam as he will condemn both false religions as fakes and deceivers.

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  1. Most of us should know by now that their goal was and is to put forth their fraudulent messiah and many will be confused and probably only the real believing Torah Jews will see the fraud immediately. Only if Moshiach ben Yosef comes first might there be problems within our people to agree, but with the eternal MBD, he will be a Divine emmissary from H', as no other human being can be. Therefore, we know H' is in complete control and will allow the fraudsters to think they're getting their way; but they will all be in for a surprise like never before. The whole sitra achra will be finished once and for all.

    1. "...will be a Divine emmissary from H', as no other human being can be."

      You want to expound on this idea?

  2. On the one hand, this may be a further fulfillment of the Rambam's idea that Yeshu and Mohammed are only there ליישר דרך למלך המשיח (to pave the way for King Mashiah). With religious belief waning in Western countries, this may be a way to reach new people in believing in the concept of a Mashiah.

    On the other hand, if the protagonist's role and the main plot-line of the series is to be skeptical of a "Mashiah", then there is likely a very different purpose of why this came to be. That being to test the final generation and engender further doubt in our minds of the coming of Mashiah before the final time has come. Only those with true Emunah will withstand this test.

    1. I also thought about that Rambam. However, if a Messiah-figure arrives and mimics the NT or Quranic versions, we would be right to be skeptical, wouldn't we?

    2. Of course, we Jews should be skeptical of such a Messiah-figure, but we should not be skeptical of ANY Messiah-figure.

      It's a balancing act, I know. Easy to grasp for most religious Jews, but more difficult for the rest.

  3. About Moshach Ben Dovid, it is said he will have powers greater than Moshe Rabbeinu had. With his sense of smell, the power of his words can even kill a man. He will immediately know who is a Jew and from which tribe, etc., etc. He is H's shaliach in this world; just as Moshe Rabbeinu was our leader so will MBD be, but will be king (leader) and teacher of the world, and the world will know that there is only H' - Ain Od Milvado.

  4. just want to add my thoughts of how unlikely such a tv series normally would be....just this seems like a little piece of Hashems plan to reveal moshiach very soon, beH

    just wow!!
    thank yoy for bringing thiss to our attention

  5. "I don't think Mashiach will announce who he is. He'll have a job to do, and he will simply go about doing it."

    This description looks and sounds familiar to me because that's the impression I had of the man who became my husband, long before it was clear that we would be married. Not that I think he's Mashiah, mind you. ;-) But I do think it's appropriate for looking for the one who will be our leader and the next King of Israel as Geulah Shlemah approaches. Not the flashy, caricature-ish type of the other religions. The person whose performance is unhindered and whose results speak for themselves doesn't have to brag or boast.

    And the biggest thing to watch is the situation of the Jews in Israel. Our getting clued in is very important: Knowing who we are, what we're doing here, and where we belong -- all of where we belong -- are key components of our part of the deal between us and HQB"H.

    1. I forgot to mention that my husband and I have been married nearly 30 years, and I still think this way of him. I imagine that, truly "all the more so" many times over, those among us who get to observe Mashiah in action before he is revealed to us will be in awe, even before he is well-known in the world.

  6. Thank you for writing about this. Be"D this should be a good sign, even thought it's coming from the sitra achra. From the blurb he sounds more like Rasputin.

    Melech Moshiach Tsidkeinu does definitely not have flowing locks, for starters. Secondly I believe it is called the No Testament and not sure what a "palestinian" is given that the British mandate is long gone. Did they choose the name Geller linked to Uri? I read somewhere that the whole world will accept Moshiach,except of course for the erev rav who will actively fight him, but frum Jews will be the last to accept him, as they will want to discuss it at length. Be"D bekarov memash.

  7. This Netflix show sounds like it is treading on old ground and presenting this rubbish as something new, since it appears to roughly have similar premise and atheistic themes to a UK 2003 TV serial called "The Second Coming" that goes out of its way to offend (wonder if it will feature a similar ending to its possible precursor involving the skeptic character committing deicide to add some anti-Jewish tropes into the mix). - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Second_Coming_%28TV_serial%29

  8. Commercial rubbish, focusing on a Yoshke-type stereotype. The real Moschiach will be much more subtle.

  9. I bet when the real Mashiach shows up, the goim will call him "anti-Christ" and the Erev Rav (specially the leftist ones) will call him the "Jewish Khomeini". I don't think it will be a pretty picture like the chabadniks usually preach. And I hope i'm wrong, but not all Jews will be saved, maybe not even half.

  10. Do not forget that Eisav is very shrewd, wiley and very smart. They have been working for centuries to get to the time (now) when they think they will be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the world's people. They are using the same illogical, lopsided thinking as Nimrod and his useful idiot followers did about 4000 years ago which means going to war against the Creator. They really think they can outsmart HIM and usurp the covenant between H' and His children, Israel. Of course, this is all part of their plan to place a messiah figure and call the real one an anti-yoshka, whatever. Once they start making videos with all the claptrap Hollywood fantasies, you don't have think twice; it's an understood fraud.


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