09 December 2019

Whose Messiah? Whose Anti-Messiah?

12 Kislev 5780

Netflix will be airing a new series on Jan. 1, 2020 called "Messiah."  This is only of interest because it coincides with the time when we are [I am?] expecting the Jewish Messiah to make his presence known.  It's ironic that this new series seems to create a Messiah character by mixing the Christian and Muslim traditions together.  (From the trailer, he looks and talks like a Palestinian J*sus, but he has the name given to the Anti-Messiah by the Quran - Al-Masih ad-Dajjal.)  But, the debate completely leaves out any Jewish connection.  Maybe that's a good thing?  

It has already created a lot of controversy online even before it has been seen.  There are loads of Youtube videos by both Christians and Muslims discussing its pros and cons.  There is even a campaign calling for Netflix subscribers to cancel their accounts in protest of the series as "blasphemy."  Of course, this is coming from people who believe the Messiah is also Divine, God forbid!

When people get their information about who and what the Messiah is from the New Testament or the Quran or - God forbid, Netflix! - it's no wonder they aren't going to recognize the real thing when they see it!  Maybe that's a good thing, too.  Even Netflix is ultimately run by HKB"H.
The Trailer For Netflix's Intense New Thriller Begs the Question: Messiah or Madman?

The line between miracles and madness is a thin one in the first trailer for Netflix's new geopolitical thriller. ...Messiah follows CIA agent Eva Geller as she encounters a mysterious figure who quickly gains global attention for his "miracles." While his cult-like followers see his godly actions as the work of a higher figure, Geller sees them as acts of public disruption and discovers that this Messiah may really be a sinister con artist with plans to dismantle the global balance of power.

But Geller is up against more than the Messiah's zen-like presence, razor-sharp cheekbones, and flowing locks; the mysterious stranger quickly converts people to his cause with several incredible acts, including allegedly saving a young woman from a violent tornado. As Geller searches for the truth behind the stranger's intentions, the tangled web of lies and secrets surrounding his existence gets more complex as his popularity grows.

MESSIAH Official Trailer (2020)

10 Surprising Facts About Messiah

Interesting that the skeptic - the character tasked with rooting out the truth - has a Jewish name - "Geller."  Another article notes the following...

“Messiah is a series that will have the audience asking big questions. What if someone showed up in [2020] amid strange occurrences and was thought to be the Messiah? What would society do? How would the media cover him? Would millions simply quit work? Could governments collapse?” ... “It’s a series that could change everything.”
Again,  they are basing their presumptions on a New Testament version of a messiah.  We could ask the same questions, but we would get entirely different answers.  I don't think Mashiach will announce who he is.  He'll have a job to do, and he will simply go about doing it.  WE will know that only Mashiach can do this particular job, so when we see who takes it up, we will be clued in to who he really is.  Whether we will talk about it openly or not, I don't know.  But, I believe it will be those who are most actively looking for Mashiach who will recognize him.  One thing you can be sure of, the leftists, the rabidly secular and the world community, especially the UN and the Vatican, will hate him and will censor him and anything he does, because it will be in fulfillment of the Torah and the Jewish national destiny!

Finally, he will fulfill the requirement for being the Anti-Messiah of both Christianity and Islam as he will condemn both false religions as fakes and deceivers.

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