05 December 2019

Sufganiyot as Metaphor

7 Kislev 5780

My first Hanukkah in Israel in 1994, the only sufganiyot that were available looked like those pictured on the left.  There were two choices - the chalavi "ribat chalav" or the parve "tut."  They made no pretense to being more than what they were or what they were intended to be.  

As Western ideology, norms, and so-called values have invaded Israel over the intervening years, the sufganiyot have evolved.  (See picture on the right.) Although these are smaller and less tasty, they are very beautiful to look at albeit at upwards of three times the cost.  

Despite the fancy decorations and variety of flavors, they still can't compete in my mind, or on my tastebuds, with the humble and modest jelly donut of the good old days when Israel herself was still without pretensions.


  1. Sadly, we now live in a world that yesterday's whatever is no longer valued and is 'old' stuff. There has to be a new model of anything and everything practically every day. It's all about money making. If you make yesterday's whatever, it becomes outdated and you're no longer in style and you've got to keep up with everyone else, thereby, giving the manufacturer, etc. a better and newer way for making more money; that's the bottom line!

  2. Are they right? Hanukkah Food recipes