07 December 2019

Is the Countdown to Mashiach Now a Matter of Days or Weeks?

10 Kislev 5780
Shavua tov!

I am convinced that Netanyahu is the last Prime Minister, and that there will not be a third election.  I am convinced that the war with Iran is imminent as it will be a last-ditch attempt by both Netanyahu and Trump to hang on to their seats of power.  I am convinced that the outcome of that war will be the downfall of both the Erev Rav and Eisav and that Mashiach ben Yosef will be revealed and rise to take power in its disastrous wake.

We should pay special attention to the weeks wherein we read the parashiot about Yosef, especially Parashat Mikeitz, which covers the week of Hanukkah and describes Yosef's rise to power and the following parashah, Vayigash, which brings us into the secular year 2020 and which recounts the revelation of Yosef to his brothers.

How the Israel-Iran war might begin