12 December 2019

It's Already Hanukkah in Washington, DC

14 Kislev 5780

Watched the live stream of the White House Hanukkah Party last night.  So weird.  Clearly it cannot be celebrated the same way they do Xmas, but what else do they know?  The room had a decorated tree (or bush?) - maybe it was the great American Hanukkah bush I've heard so much about??  Weird to see one candle lit as a celebration of a holiday that won't arrive for 12 more days.  And the whole celebration of the holiday is the increase of light over the course of eight nights.  One candle lit in the daytime does nothing to fulfill the mitzvah of advertising the miracle.  Such a farce!

And Trump lost no time recounting once again every single big favor he has has done "for Israel" - lot of talk of Israel for an American Hanukkah party - and patted himself on the back the whole way through the litany.  The Jews did not fail him.  They fell all over themselves in gratitude, awe and praise.

The occasion was used to add yet another debt-of-thanks to the Jewish ledger.  A big show was made of Trump signing an executive order which would include antisemitism in the list of Title IX rules, whereby if an institution of higher learning allows antisemitic words or actions on campus and does not combat it, they are no longer eligible for Federal monies.  No doubt some well-meaning, but clueless Jew gave him this idea - or maybe it was some well-meaning, but clueless Evangelical Christian "Faith Leader".

Trump had to make it ecumenical by inviting his favorite pastors and even inviting his fave - Robert Jeffress, who is famous for listing Jews among those condemned to everlasting hellfires - to address the crowd.  At the end when everyone is jockeying for position for photographs, I saw John Hagee as well as that awful, awful Jerusalem-based missionary Mike Evans, who appeared to be haranguing Trump as the President was making to leave.

Jews have got to keep in mind that it is the Evangelical agenda which is driving Trump's policies vis a vis Jews and Israel, and that ultimately, everything he does is geared to self-gain.


In perusing the headlines this morning, I saw this question: "Why does the Israeli public not seem as panicked as it should be by the possibility of war?"  Then, I thought about the siren that went off in a test yesterday and the incessant drone of jet engines overhead.  If we panicked every time a war threatened, we'd never succeed in living our lives.  I mean this Persian Sword of Damocles has been hanging over us for at least fifteen years.  However, I do feel like we're just right "there" with this particular confrontation.  If Binyamin Netanyahu is the one destined to save Israel from Iran, he is most definitely running out of time to do it.  His days as Prime Minister are clearly numbered - 80 to be exact.

No surprise to many of us that Israel is now officially heading to a third election.  If the predictions that Mashiach will arrive before it can take place are correct, we've got only until March 2, 2020 to wait.


UPDATE to yesterday's post:   FBI Raids “Black Hebrew Israelites” Church In Harlem Following Jersey City Shooting Attack

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  1. No doubt some will read this as anti-Trump. I assure it's not. It's anti-Eisav. Doesn't matter whether its Democrat or Republican. BOTH are Eisav and BOTH hate Ya'aqov at the depths of their souls, unless they have voluntarily assumed the yoke of the Sheva Mitzvot.