08 December 2019


11 Kislev 5780

I am not promoting this as entertainment, but as education.  In the past, the Judges of the Sanhedrin would be required to be informed about such subjects.  I think it is a mitzvah to understand the forces at work in our world and where they are leading us.  This is no doubt why the prophets of Tanach wrote about the various empires and their characteristics.  

We need to know and understand how vitally important it is that we do not emulate them or participate in their rebellion against the Divine order or their mass exploitation of world populations and resources. In fact, as a light to the nations, we have to demonstrate the better way and take a stand against the crimes of the corporations.

[It's quite long, but is broken up by subheadings, making it easier to pick it up a bit at a time.  It would take longer to read it in book form.]

*The below is a partial list of approximately 270 Multinational Corporations 
  operating in Israel.  (Source


  1. Nimrod and his followers trying once again to play gods and gain all the power and money and whoever is left in the world to be the serfs!

  2. The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You Buy

  3. right Messianic Israelite Yovel Jubilee Year ON THE WAY. Expected time of arrival - 5782 (2021-2022) END of central banks, interest, debt, fiat currencies, Nimrodian Nazi New World Order (Old World DISOrder) Deep States (including OURS right here) Globalist System of Re-Feudalizing Serfdom, Slavery and Servant-hood. Coming era of SMALL farms, SMALL businesses where EACH Man (generic) will sit under HIS vine and under HIS fig tree and NONE shall make him afraid. Here in the Land of Israel and throughout a Redeemed World (this will take some time, but the process is underway). Israel will become a Land of FREE MEN AND WOMEN who OWN our OWN apartments, houses and Land, DEBT free, INTEREST free, FIAT currency free. Central Bank free.