20 August 2016

Who Are the Lost Tribes and Are They Returning? - Part 1: Introduction

17 Menachem Av 5776

Reposting from three years ago for background purposes. I have new information to give you on this subject which will be easier to explain if you read this first.


Judea and Samaria - Yehuda and Shomron - are the very heart of our ancient homeland and heritage. It's the place where Avraham Avinu and Sarah Imeinu first entered the Promised Land. It's where the Tribes of Israel, freshly freed from servitude in Egypt, first crossed over to begin settling the Land of Israel. It's where the Tabernacle stood, in Shilo, for 369 years before the Temple was built and where King David ruled, in Hevron, for seven years before Jerusalem was conquered. It was in this place that our forefathers received the great promise from the Creator of the World: "Unto you and to your seed will I give this land." For this reason, Judea and Samaria are under threat today from our three ancient enemies – the Erev Rav, Yishmael and Eisav.

1) The Erev Rav are working day and night to give this land to our enemies, wanting only to be rid of the national mission and destiny that go with it.

2)  Yishmael is working day and night to rip it from us and create in it another murderous Arab country, wanting only to use it as a launching pad for taking it all.

3)  Eisav comes from two directions most commonly referred to as "left" and "right."  On the "left," they condemn us and boycott us and outright hate us without shame.  In their hearts, they wish that Hitler, y"sh had finished the job. However, on the "right," they claim to love us and support us to the extent that they want to absorb us - assimilate us.  But, the end result is still the same - annihilation, G-d forbid!

Each of these threats is well-perceived and well-understood by most Jews, all that is except the last one. The threat posed by the "right" hand of Eisav is simply unrecognized by most Jews.  And that creates a danger for us all.

Take, for example, the most visible face of 'Messianic'-Christian activity in Israel - the Waller Family and their HaYovel Ministries.  I've written about them before on this blog: "Why Isn't Every Jew an Anti-Missionary?"  When that blog post was written, they had increased their volunteer force from 36 to 100.  Today, they are bragging that in just a few weeks' time, they will be bringing in 500 volunteers - read "missionaries."  Yesterday, I listened, with nausea, to one of their teachers describe how in the course of a recent visit to Jerusalem, he had openly missionized Jews at some particular intersection.  He tells how when he told his friend Tommy Waller about it, Waller reportedly said "Man, you need to hang out at that intersection more."

However, this is nothing new... regrettable... tragic..., but not new.  What is new, in this generation, and a fact with which you may not be fully conversant is their "tribal" claim to the land in Samaria. When the Jews for J- group became over-saturated with Gentiles, not being Jewish, they began to feel like second-class citizens.  Along came a new 'prophetic' teaching that really appealed to their Eisavian ego - the so-called 'Messianic' Gentiles were in reality Israelites from the Ten Lost Tribes.  Wait, let me correct that.  Those who invented and propagated this lie were Americans, so, of course, they weren't descended from just any tribe, but the far 'superior' tribe of Joseph whose tribal portion is found in Ephraim; hence, they began calling themselves Ephraimites.  (See my video on the subject.)

Over the last fifteen years, an entire theology has been developed on this subject.  You can do that, you know, if you are already practicing a humanly-invented religion. Tommy Waller, his financial supporters (did you really think they worked for free?) and his volunteers participate in 'Messianic' Christian worship with open missionaries in Eretz Yisrael and associate with those who hold this belief. (You should also be aware that Tommy Waller is settling his kids here on a permanent basis.  They dress like settlers, speak Hebrew and they are already raising the next generation, no doubt to believe this land is theirs.)

They like to speak of "reconciliation" between Joseph and his brother Judah.  When they spell it all out, Ephraim must give up the Church's traditional pagan accouterments and swap them in for Judaic ritual.  (Nothing with them is ever more than skin-deep.) Instead of the New Testament, now it's the Brit Chadashah with a tallit thrown around it to make it kosher.  They speak of equality, love between brothers, breaking down the walls that separate us... in a word - assimilation.  But, it's even worse, because they don't just want to absorb us until there is no discernible difference between us and them.  They want us to become them.  Because, at the end of the day, how does Judah make amends to his 'brother' Joseph?  Why, he admits his "historical error" of having rejected J- as messiah at his first coming.  G-d forbid!

They want to obfuscate the primary issue by making our differences one of mere opinion about who is the messiah, when, in truth, the unbridgeable gap is really about who is and who cannot be G-d.

Getting back to the land issue.  These people who are coming to work the land every spring and fall are smiling into their Jewish hosts faces, all the time thinking:  "This land that I'm working is really mine by Biblical right.  I wonder where these Jews are going to live when I come to claim my birthright."

Is this too fantastic for you?  Who in their right minds would think like this?  Who in their right mind would believe in a religion like Christianity or Islam in the first place?  Once a person has bought into the lie, there is no end to the ability of a mind to deceive itself.

I realize this is long and I apologize for that. It's a very complex subject which requires a lot of background information.  For that reason, I will place corroborating quotes at the end.  You can always come back to it when you have more time or need the reference.

While we're on this subject, I would be remiss if I did not share with you this really beautiful video demonstrating how beautiful the land is that G-d has given us.  If you Jews in chutz laaretz don't want it, there are others who do - enough to kill your brothers to get it - by one method or another; through hate or through 'love.'
Quotes from an "Ephraimite" at 10losttribes.com

...The Jews cannot give away this strategic high ground. They have built roads but in other regards they have not greatly developed the heartland of the Shomron because it is reserved for Ephraim [i.e. these Ephraimites]

...The Messiah and the descendants of Joseph are still persecuted and rejected by the religious leaders of Judah even as Joseph was rejected by Judah and his brethren many years ago. The very harshness in Judah that led to the division of the ten tribes of the House of Israel from the House of Judah still exists today. It doesn't matter if you follow Torah or not. [Yeshu] is the problem.

...There came a time when Judah had to leave his land out of necessity in order to reach reconciliation with his brother Joseph. Pray that this reconciliation will happen before the Jews are forced to flee Joseph's land, the land of Shomron. God has given this territory to Judah at present as a sacred trust. [i.e. we are saving it for them.] And they have been faithful in many ways. But to persecute the descendants of Joseph to whom the Shomron was given puts the Rabbinic leaders in the Shomron in a very bad position. It puts them in the very eye of judgement at the very time that judgement is coming,....

... Reconciliation is already beginning with the increasing links between Jews and bible believing Christians. This cannot be stopped but rather it will accelerate. The author of this rapprochement is [Yeshu]. He is drawing the two houses [i.e. Jews and Xians] together. And it can be a messy business reuniting a hurt and broken family. Many things need to be discussed. There are false understandings of Torah and Messiah on both sides. It's like surgery, it can be painful for all involved as the collective body of Jacob comes together. There will be one house made of two. Two trees bound to the lamb of God, the word of God, the Torah made flesh [i.e. Yeshu].

...We for our part cannot disown the Messiah for the sake of brotherhood, the Messiah is not negotiable. ... It is Messiah [Yeshu] that breaks the wall of partition between Jew and Gentile including the lost tribes. ...We may not be in agreement in all parts of theology, but they, the Jewish settlers, have every right to be there as opposed to the Arabs. God promised the land to all 12 tribes of Israel. And Judah comes to the land first. So they are even holding the land for Ephraim before he returns too.

The Jewish people in the state of Israel are holding Ephraim's land for him, that is, the land of Samaria, or the Shomron in Hebrew. ...Ephraim will look to the highway and turn to his ancient cities when he has no place else to go. Once Ephraim's cities in the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand are destroyed he will turn! He will have no place to go but home. ...Soon large numbers of Ephramites will return to their land. The roads will be thick with bible believers [Yeshu worshippers] from America, Australia etc. Houses will be rapidly built and the hills will be alive to Israelite Music.


  1. I have a question...

    Where there is a false scattered tribe of Ephraim, is there not the real one as well? What if the real Ephraimites come back also, challenge these false ones and expose them for what they are? What will they do? Where will they go?

    These "joes" who were once happy with only "spiritual inheritance," threaten us with their words and their physical presence; but HaShem intends to bring the real Jews back here. I'd like to be a tiny, hidden fly on the wall (so to speak) when that happens.

    1. CDG, I ask you, how is anyone today to know for a certainty that they are from a "lost tribe"?

      I can't recall at the moment who it was, but one of the leading rabbis in Israel in a past generation said that among the Jews today are the gilgulim from all of the tribes and that people tend to settle in the areas of their tribal inheritance without even being consciously aware of it. In that case, the Jews who are currently residing in the Shomron are not holding that land for a bunch of Xians to come and inherit it. It is theirs by right. They are most likely the gilgulim of the Tribe of Ephraim.

      We are told that all the enemies of Israel are back as well as the Erev Rav, the generation of the Flood and the generation of the Dispersion, so why not the Israelites who left Egypt, too? It might be Rav Pinchas Winston who taught that the entire generation who left Egypt is back for the Final Redemption and that would, of course, include all 12 tribes.

      We are taught further, that Eliyahu HaNavi will identify the tribal affiliation of each Jew, so until then....


    1. No, but I've recently come to understand that it is part of a larger plan to destroy Judaism by erasing the boundaries between Jews and gentiles. As a result of it, there are millions of xians walking, talking, dressing and acting like Jews and thereby mixing with the Jewish community oftentimes without their knowledge or awareness. They are infiltrating the Jewish communities and attempting to corrupt it from within.

  3. There are, at last report, 50,000 illegal immigrants in South Tel Aviv alone and the government does nothing about them. Why would they care about a volunteer force of free labor? Anyway, I'm almost certain they are using something other than a tourist visa, but even if they weren't, visas are renewable indefinitely. And besides that, they have very influential "friends".

  4. Lies always have to pitch their tents right on top of the truth. The charlatans have been really obsessed with camping these days. What are they desperate to obscure?

    If Joseph weren't right under everybody's noses ready to be revealed, there would be no point to the frenzied activities. They play as if they were Joseph, push their god-man on unsuspecting Jews, then pat these "humbled" Jews on the head and call it brotherly love and reconciliation.

    Joseph dressed and spoke like an Egyptian, so these Egyptian souls think they can pull off the deception? Why not, they are actual Egyptians.

    They must be thinking Joseph acted like them as well. Since they act like themselves, they prove that they are not Joseph.

    If Joseph were Chinese instead of American, the problem would be an influx of Chinese "Ephraimites."

    Just a goy watching from the sidelines,

    1. The latest code word is RESTORATION. What you say about them having "Egyptian souls" is interesting, but not sure what you are getting at with "Joseph" being "ready to be revealed". Would you care to explain yourself?

  5. Shalom Devash, brilliant article, and one that needs to circulate widely. While you highlight correctly that this movement has grown exponentially in the last 15 years or so, it's origins appear to trace back to the mid to late 1800's. Much of this Ephraimite, two-house stuyiot is based on the writings of G. G. Rupert, and published in his journal, "Remnant of Israel."

    Subsequent to this was a book written by J. H. Allen, "Judahs Sceptre and Josephs Birthright." A work that promotes the speculative and thoroughly inaccurate British Israelite theory.

    It must be noted that almost all of the present proponents of this dangerous garbage are the brainwashed adherents of the deranged false prophet Herbert W. Armstrong and his cult, the Worldwide Church of God. Armstrong plagiarized heavily from the writings of both Rupert and Allen, and his followers continue in his legacy of lies and false prophecies.

    It disturbs me to see the inroads that they are making in Israel, bringing their idolatry and spiritual baggage along with them. Although many of them are well meaning, they do present a clear and present danger if they can gain a permanent foothold in The land. Their historical roots and doctrines need to be exposed as they are contradictory to the Tanak.

    All the best, stingray

    1. Thanks for that info, stingray. I had never heard of those works. You may have missed some of the story revealed in other older posts, especially if you are a more recent reader. But Jews were actually removed from an area of the yishuv and it was given over entirely to HaYovel. Then they put up a worship tent which is essentially their church. How long until they build a more permanent structure? They squeeze in step-by-step. At first, reportedly suspicious, now they are welcome guests i the homes of Jews in Har Brachah and all this with their rabbi's blessing. The very worst part of it all is that this "success" is duly reported to their funders and followers and exhibited as proof that the Jews can be turned with "kindness" which is a HUGE chillul Hashem.

  6. There is so much that needs to be said. Firstly, to Neshama, there are NO Ephramites anywhere. Secondly, as I have always known and wrote about it in comments, there will be NO return of the ten lost tribes as the good Rabbi said 'we are intermingled already'. In other words, the 10 lost tribes are lost forever. A talmid chacham once told me that years ago. That is why I believe the groups who go out searching for 'lost' Jews are part of this whole scheme of dissolving the Jewish people, c'v and integrating us within the nations of the world. This as an evil which is being perpetrated by Esav,Yishmael & Erev Rav. By now, all good Jews need to understand this. It's right in your face This is an outright assault on the Jewish people that is now coming to a head. As Devash wrote in her post of a couple of days ago, this agenda goes back centuries and since WWII, it has been the goal of these new agers, etc. Israel is being run by the erev rav aiding and abetting this horror. We pray Moshiach appears sooner than we even hoped, but once he is here he will dissolve them all with his words coming out from his mouth.


    1. I think EMET is talking to me because of what I said above. Thank you, EMET, for your feedback.

      Devash, I wonder why my comments often get addressed by other bloggers' nics, even though I am logged into my blog's Google account! Neshama is the latest. Yours was one of the first, over on End of Days! I promise you, I am NOT trying to copy or pretend to be any of you!

  7. Devash I am aware of what you posted here and I had a dispute on FB with someone and I stood my ground according to our holy Torah.. He said that all goyim and Jews will be Israelite's and he loves me (wow)talking about love that kills your soul, I told him when Moshiach comes their will be righteous gentiles and Jews..period.. Buy the way he did not say if he was a Jew or not, he knew a lot about the sfirot, except he did not realise that I had knowledge as well, my answer to him was many study Kaballah and Zohar like a kosher style deli place but it has nothing to do with being kosher, well he did not like my answer, I questioned him if he keeps Shabbat, keeps kosher and puts on tefillin, received negative answer back and he said he does not want to continue the conversation, he knew he will not win with love because I also told him being good it good but for a Jew good is not enough without mitzvot..The host later on shut him up with facts of Torah.. BH..
    I also read it was posted on FB it stared with a picture of the Kotel with 1948, 1967, until 2023 on it, I looked what it was about and started with the prophets until I saw in the middle Revelation 11 and my antenna came up I scrolled to the end and bingo it talked about Joshke... By knowing that this danger is out there what is important that we have to teach our children of this falsehood and make them aware of it. These people have great knowledge and a Jew who does not know the Torah and keeps mitzvot will fall for it/ G-d forbid.. Unless we have a government who stops it we will not be able to stop them until Moshiach comes and then they will be history, most important are our children teach them and HaShem will protect them.. Shavuah Tov....

    1. Amen, Jewgirl. Thanks for sharing. And would you please resubmit your second comment without the contact information. Thanks.

  8. Our Sages as recorded in the Talmud discuss the issue of the Lost Ten Tribes and if they will return en masse in The End/New Beginning of Days (now). Rabbi Akiva said no, they will not return. The majority ruled, yes, they will return. WHO they are? WHERE they are? That's another question. Shavua Tov, Aryeh Yosef

    1. Again, this is an "achisheinah" vision. However, the reality is that we are experiencing redemption "b'ita" in which only a remnant will survive. And I am convinced that the original "600,000" are not only here in this generation, including all of the tribes, but for the most part, they are all already here in Eretz Yisrael.

      I have clues that have led me to suspect who I was in at least three previous lifetimes and before I knew any of this stuff, after wandering a bit around Israel and desiring Yerushalayim so much and being there for 12 years, I am finally "settled" in the place I know without any doubt that I belong and lo and behold it is right where "I" am supposed to be - where my own "tribal portion" is located. I hope you can follow that.

      Hopefully the next part will add yet more clarity regarding this "phenomenon" among the gentiles.

    2. Without getting into specifics, I want to just add that if what I suspect is true, I was also a convert in at least two previous lifetimes. Once, for the sake of a husband, once for the sake of a son, and in this lifetime, for my own sake - of my own choosing and I feel that this was a necessary closing of a circle.

    3. Devash I'm also a convert and I also of my own choosing became a Jew, I also live in Israel 27 years and B"H have Jewish grandchildren. I don't believe it is important right now who are the lost tribes HaShem knows and Moshiach will know that is all that matters. What is important for us to do is HaShem will because it is not because of us but because of H-m, let every Jew do the best to free the shechina from exile. Let our mitzvot protect our children and grandchildren for what is still to come, we are not here to judge but only to protect our Jiddishkeit and we should work on ourselves to be an example for Jews who still didn't find their way and to let them know what shecker is out there.. Time will become more confusing and the only way for us to succeed is to fallow our holy Torah and bring light down to this earth.. In the end everything will be good and that is what we should hold on to...

  9. Homework: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1701071/jewish/Are-the-Ten-Lost-Tribes-Ever-Coming-Back.htm "However, there are those who do rule, and say that we follow Rabbi Eliezer’s opinion that the ten tribes will ultimately be reunited with the rest of Israel at the time of the redemption with the coming of the Moshiach". NOTE 17 "See Yeshuot Meshicho and Netzach Yisrael loc. cit.
    There is a general rule that in a disagreement between Rabbi Akiva and another individual scholar, the final ruling follows Rabbi Akiva’s view. HOWEVER, HERE THIS RULE IS NOT APPLIED, BECAUSE: 1) Here there are several sages who disagree with Rabbi Akiva—Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Yehudah; 2) When Rabbi Yehudah the Prince said that 'the ten tribes are destined for the World to Come', he was declaring the conclusion of the Talmud (see Rabbi Yitzchak Lampronti [1679–1756], Pachad Yitzchak, p. 172).
    Additionally, the Talmud itself seems to reprimand Rabbi Akiva for his view, saying that 'shavkah Rabbi Akiva lechasiduteh' — Rabbi Akiva abandoned his usual spirit of kindness and generosity, for Rabbi Akiva would usually try to exonerate the Jewish people. See Yeshuot Meshicho loc. cit. for a possible reason as to why Rabbi Akiva in fact chose to do so in this instance".

    1. Since I do not learn the Talmud, but have every respect for it, I can't comment to what you are presenting here, but if it's as you say, then perhaps Rabbi Akiva foresaw how this issue would be used against Klal Yisrael at the End of Days - as a weapon of assimilation to destroy us. After all, conversion has always been an option for anyone not recognized as a Jew to (re)join the nation. But, none of these people are willing to convert, thank G-d!

      Hashem, in His great mercy, is sparing Klal Yisrael from letting them join us. Now, all we have to do is educate and warn Jews not to join with THEM! However, it's too late for far too many already!!

  10. I think it’s very important point, which was raised by Dvash that is going on around us, when different people try to claim their Jewish ancestry. What about the so called tribes who already have been integrated into Israeli society. More interesting so that some of the biggest chef rabbi in Israel ruled “that it is forbidden to question the Jewishness of this community, pejoratively called Falash Mura in reference to their having converted” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_Israel, or http://crownheights.info/general/612/indias-lost-tribe-recognised-as-jewsafter-2700-years/ and this is just a tip of the iceberg. It looks more like accepting those group conversions in time when Jewish people left Egypt and accepted Erev Rav. Maharal of Prague taught that we will never discover the tribes by searching. He explained that the exile of the ten tribes is a divine decree that will not be rescinded until the messianic era; in that reference what gives those Rabbis authority to make their own degrees, which we are not allowed to question.
    The inability of 10 lost tribes to rejoin Jewish nation was attributed to the fact that whereas the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (the Kingdom of Judah) were "scattered throughout the world," the ten tribes were exiled beyond the mysterious river Sambatyon. And whoever comes from that Sambatyon river may will also be associated with Shabbetai Ẓevi . The students of Nathan of Gaza circulated a story after Shabbetai Ẓevi's death that he had gone to the Ten Lost Tribes that live on the other side of the Sambatyon. There he married the daughter of Moses. (For a similar tale, see the Letter of Nathan of Gaza to Raphael Joseph written in 1665.) The students were to wait for Shabbetai Ẓevi to return after the seven-day wedding celebration and to redeem them – if they were worthy of it. If they were not worthy, he would stay beyond the Sambatyon.

    1. Thanks Chana for all this additional information of which I was unaware.

      For those who do not know, the real-Jewish Ethiopian community are the most vocal against bringing in more Falash Mura. (Not even getting into the 800-900,000 Russian goyim.)

      Falash Mura Are Not Jewish – Don’t Bring Them to IsraelFalash Mura Are Not Jewish – Don’t Bring Them to Israel

      ...according to veteran members of the Ethiopian community, those who walked to Israel via Sudan decades ago and their offspring insist the new Falash Mora aliyah that is planned and aliyah of recent years are a scam. They insist the Falash Mura that were serious Jews and compelled to convert have long ago been reunited and these are people who are not only Christians, but missionaries. They reportedly maintain an affiliation with the missionary organization “The Church Ministry Among the Jews”, Walla News adds.

      Israel Radio journalist Tsega Mekalu, who describes himself as traditional and not religious, is outraged and wants to prevent the aliyah of additional Falash Mura explaining “they are destroying our community from within”. Many members of the community who are dati leumi or self-proclaimed traditional, want to maintain the Jewish integrity of the community and remain adamantly opposed to the aliyah of additional Falash Mura.

      Veteran Ethiopians living in Israel for decades and their families explain:

      · If these Falash Mura are legitimate as they claim, why weren’t they and their families with us to walk through Sudan and Addis?

      · It is all about money. They are funded by the New Israel Fund, who is happy to bring more missionaries to Israel.

      · PM Netanyahu and Likud simply don’t care. They too are pleased.

      · How dare the Likud decide who to bring. Why are they not consulting with our Chief Rabbi Adani? Why don’t they consult with the Chief Rabbis of Israel? Why don’t they consult without Kassem religious leader? Because they don’t care and they are happy to bring more missionaries to Israel.

      · The New Israel Fund is involved and the goal, to destroy Yiddishkheit. For years we maintained our Jewishness with mesirus nefesh only to be destroyed in the State of Israel.

      · It stinks! It’s all about money. Our children see they live here, speak Hebrew and serve in the army and then marry them. They are goyim and we want no part of them!! Why are they being paid to come on aliyah. The minute they convert they revert back to being active Christians. Speak to any Jewish Agency officials in absorption centers. They can tell you the churches in these centers are active. These people do not want o be Jewish but they want to make us Christians.

    2. To Chana, the government is the erev rav and the erev rav will fight against Moshiach, they will become history as all who fight against HaShem.. Remember it is written that HaShem will redeem every Jewish soul hold on to that.. We need to strengthen our emunah and do what is right in HaShem eyes He will do the rest and we will overcome no matter how hard it gets..Christians are under the illusion that they will win but we are the ones who are the last one standing..

  11. Just seen on FB they are everywhere..

    Are you ready for Jacobs trouble soon 2017 and beyond?

    Can you help me get the wheat I raised from the US to Israel for Jacob's trouble as I have refuge places in Wisconsin and South Carolina and now Israel for Jacob's trouble as the time to favor Zion is near at the doors for their spiritual and physical needs to meet the great I am that I am as the deliverer comes out of Zion to the wilderness He is preparing for the twelve tribes of the 144.000 as it is out of our mercy the Christians and Jews they shall receive our mercy

    And do not forget as it is some of you God has raised up and prepared to fulfil this call to make sure their needs are met and God promise he would bless those that bless Israel.

  12. Just to add some points to my previous post, since the mysterious river Sambatyon could be connected of that Yovel movement, which they are coming from. Since that Yovel functions as the culmination of the Shemitah cycle.

  13. And another possible scenario is that the many righteous converts who have come out of the church and messianic-'judaism' are representatice of one or more of the "lost tribes" while the vast majority of gentiles like these Ephraimites are the Erev Rav who were attached to them in exile.

    As Jewgirl points out above, nobody knows who's who at this point in time. But, it's important to recognize that and not join in with any promotion of accepting goyim into Israel as "lost tribes" without a kosher conversion.

  14. I have always known and been taught that the ten lost tribes are lost forever. They are within our people and those true converts (gerei tzedek) who always had Jewish neshamot, many are of those people. The lost tribes enmasse WILL NOT RETURN! All real Jews from Avraham Avinu on will return with Tchiyat Hameisim. Our people are a small people but a real/true people. This LIE that is being promulgated and promoted is all part of the agenda by the xtian and erev rav world. Their goal is - c'v, 'no more jews'! All this talk of which Taana said what is irrelevent. Rabbi Akiva was the lead Rabbi! In OlamHabah, there will only be Jews and non-Jews who abide by the Seven Laws of Noach!!! We are a people fewest in number, as is written in our holy Torah!