16 August 2016

The Not-So-Secret War Against the Torah

12 Menachem Av 5776

Eretz Yisrael is the front line and Jerusalem is where the final battle will take place.

The list of enemies is long and varied, but they all have one goal in common - to destroy the remnant of the Jewish people through assimilation. They realized through Hitler's, y"sh, failure to physically annihilate the Jewish people, that they needed a new plan, so they looked to Bilaam's example. They decided to pave the way for the Jewish people to condemn themselves. And just as in times past, the Erev Rav are the key to making it happen. 

The Erev Rav are a mixture and they want to mix us with the nations - to eliminate us as a holy, set-apart and unique people, the seed of not just Avraham (which includes also Yishmael), and not just of Yitzchak (which includes also Eisav), but of Avraham and Yitzchak and Ya'aqov, by-passing both Yishmael and Eisav.

The war with the Arabs around us is nothing in comparison to the battles raging within...
  • Modern-day Hellenizers who are enthralled by the morally bankrupt Western culture and import it to the Holy Land.
  • Humanists who insist there is no difference between Jews and Gentiles and promote the interests of humanity at large above those of the Jewish people. 
  • Evangelical Xians who have been coached to call themselves returning "Lost Tribes" and through malice or ignorance or just plain wishful thinking, Jews (including prominent rabbis and government agencies) in Eretz Yisrael are helping them to attain their goal of becoming "one new man" with us and claiming their portion of "their inheritance" in the land. (Xian "aliyah" is on the agenda.)
  • Even the so-called Noahide movement has been corrupted. Noahides are being told that every reference in the Torah to "ger" is actually "ger toshav" and refers to the Noahide. They are being told that unless they come and settle in the Land of Israel, redemption won't come to the world. It's no longer up to the Jews, but it all depends on the "gerim" (which are not converts).
  • Rebellious Jews who have decided they won't wait for Mashiach to come, but will start the messianic era without him and build the Temple themselves.
Quoting one influential (American-oleh) "Orthodox rabbi":

"The mass hysteria and paranoia induced in the religious Jewish world during the three weeks from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of Av is a lethal crippler. The three weeks, the way we observe them, block the true purpose of Israel, which is to build the Third Temple. No one should observe these days as days of mourning. Anyone who does is doing kefira, and one should not say amen to his or her brachot. We should observe the three weeks as days of joy and learn about the glorious Third Temple that we would be building right now if it were not for the slavery and manipulation of the Gibborim, the Rabbinic Erev Rav. Blame your local Orthodox Rabbi. He is the one who is blocking the Geula."

All of this is leading up to the final battle which is actually already underway and is taking place in Jerusalem. The Dor Haflagah is back and now they mean to build their "Tower of Bavel" on the Temple Mount and call it "The Third Temple for All Mankind". They intend it to look something like this...
Christians, Muslims and Jews to build joint house of worship in Jerusalem

But, for one week in September, a small structure of four walls and a bit of balcony, called the Alpert Youth Music Center will become AMEN, a home for something that has never before been attempted in the Holy City – a place of worship for the three great monotheistic religions “who share a passion for Jerusalem in which they will co-exist temporarily under the wings of the Almighty.”

Under the radar, away from the public eye, a small clutch of religious leaders have been gathering for years to believe, to hope and to reconnect via the atavistic language of faith.

...The concept they have created, which the believing public is invited to join between September 5 to 11, is part of a festival known as Mekudeshet, Blessed, part of Jerusalem’s Season of Culture.

“The reality is based on Isaiah's prophecy, 'My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations.'” It is, the festival organizers say, “an old-new reality that draws its inspiration from the ancient traditions of meeting and cooperation. A reality that turns what is holy for you and for me from separate rooms into one open temple that is filled with shared and sacred inspiration and faith.”

In theory this should not be a big deal: men and women of faith, who share a belief in one God and a love for the city of Jerusalem, coming together to pray, study and sing.

The Pseudo-Sanhedrin is working to prepare the Arabs to accept this by appealing to a "moderate" Islamic cult-leader in Turkey who fancies himself the Mahdi and surrounds himself with whorish women referred to as "kittens".

Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation with his Rabbi guests coming from Jerusalem (January,20th 2016, A9 TV)

At the 17-minute mark in the video at the above link, the Pseudo-Sanhedrin proposes to initiate a government-sponsored program to make Mr. Oktar's books required reading in all Israeli schools, both Jewish and Arab. If I were a devout Muslim, this would make me hate Jews even more.

Instead of adhering to the Torah vision in which "Hashem is One and His Name is One", they are seeking an accommodation for the false religions to continue to exist side-by-side with Judaism. This is also the vision of the "New Age World Religion" where everything is accepted except the "fanatics" who refuse to go along.

Excerpt from The Coming World Religion - Part 2:

...A necessary preparation for the leap upward is the isolation, refinement and preservation of the top 10% of humanity as the new "seed". The major New Age efforts at indoctrination are therefore designed to get the other 90% of humanity to accept this elitist selection as necessary and just, and if possible to secure their cooperation in the purge.

...High on the list of those 90% which must be eliminated are the Jews who insist on Jewish identity: "When humanity has solved the Jewish problem (with the understanding and cooperation of the Jew)... it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens [the dissolution of the "Jewish race"], the problem [the presence of "separation" and "hate" in the world] will be rapidly solved and one of the major difficulties will disappear off the face of the earth. Racial fusion will then be possible... and then there will be peace on earth." (Alice Bailey, _Externalisation_ II, p.77) In other words, the entire fusion process which is to further human evolution is on hold until the Jews disappear as a group. She named this as one of four major "world problems" that must be solved within "the next two centuries" (the other three are humanity's attachment to old-age notions of national territory, sex and death). When Jews forget that they are Jews, "we shall see a very different world." (_The Destiny of Nations_ p.34-35)

Awareness is everything in this war for hearts and minds. "Forewarned is forearmed" as they say. But, know this! They will have no more success today than they did four-thousand years ago. Even the "Elite" of mankind cannot fight God and hope to win.

Be careful for your own souls, because to be attached to these people or to their vain philosophies, whether in your mind or in your heart, means you will share their ultimate fate. Look to HKB"H and attch yourselves faithfully to HIM and to the authentic Torah Truth. If we could save ourselves from Egypt, there'd have been no need for a Redeemer.

Even if he should delay, wait patiently for him. And while you're waiting, spread the awareness.


  1. Their evil is obvious because they twist the meaning of simple and easy to understand words.

    "My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations."

    NATIONS, not RELIGIONS. Nations will continue to exist after the Geula Shlaima. Religions will cease to exist by then.

    1. Actually, that's not entirely true.

      Ramchal, Derech Hashem, 2:4:7...

      "In the World-to-Come, however, there will be no nation other than Isael. The souls of righteous gentiles will be allowed to exist in the Future World, but only as an addition and attachemnt to Israel. They will therefore be secondary to the Jews, just as a garment is secondary to the one who wears it. All that they attain of the ultimate good will have been attained in this manner, since by virtue of their nature they can receive no more."

    2. Perhaps. What do commentaries (or the Ramchal) say about the posuk itself? Nonetheless, they are intentionally twisting the plain meaning of the posuk to commingle Judaism with other beliefs.

    3. The days of Messiah aren't the world to come. In the days of Messiah, the remaining nations will come to Jerusalem for Sukot. There will be no more religions, but the nations will not be able to convert any longer.

    4. Rashi - for all peoples: Not only for Israel, but also for the proselytes.

      Rashi - I will yet gather: of the heathens ([Mss. and K’li Paz:] of the nations) who will convert and join them.

    5. Jack P. - "And it will come to pass that everyone left of the [nations] who came up against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to prostrate himself to the King, the Lord of Hosts, and to celebrate the festival of Tabernacles."

      The Hebrew says "goyim" which can also be translated as gentiles. The term does not ascribe to them a particular national identity. Quite the contrary. It only distinguishes them as non-Jews. The next verse is instructive.

      "And it shall be that whoever of all the families of the earth does not go up to Jerusalem to prostrate himself to the King, the Lord of Hosts-upon them there shall be no rain."

      "...m'et mishpachot ha'aretz...." Apparently they retain their family identity, but not necessarily their national identity. The world that is left will consist of Jews and non-Jews and that's it.

      The messianic era is the transition from this world to the next, so some aspects of the future world will already exist at that time. That's why we have techiyat ha'meitim throughout this era.

  2. I meant to write *how*. Also the public persecution of Elor Azaria to break the will of any who oppose it.


  3. This "war" is majorly a war of tanakh interpretations. There can't be victory until Eliyahu/moshiach comes. It will most likely get more intense and open as the time gets closer.

  4. "Rebellious Jews who have decided they won't wait for Mashiach to come, but will start the messianic era without him and build the Temple themselves."


    The halakha is clear. It is a mitzvat aseh. We can build it now, not the way these "joiners with Esau and Yishmael" say, of course. But, we can build it now.

    Did I misunderstand what you wrote here?


    1. You can? Then why isn't it being built? And if it was built now, who would be allowed in?

      The way I see it is that only if we get redemption achisheinah can we build the Beit Hamikdash without Mashiach, but I'm of the opinion that we are now locked into geulah b'ita where only a global catastrophe can shake evil loose and destroy its control and Hashem won't bring that until the very end, when Mashiach is ready to be revealed.

      If I recall correctly, it was Rambam who said there is a definite order to events - first we make a Torah government, then we destroy Amalek, and then (and only then) can we build the Beit Hamikdash. And this follows the logic. As long as the enemy is in control of the holy place, we can't build. As long as we have an Erev Rav regime, we will never destroy the enemy...

      If Rabbi Kahane could have been elected PM and he could have slowly implemented Torah law and then expelled all the Arabs, you can see how this progression could have been realized. But, that opportunity was rejected by the majority so, in my view, it is no longer possible until messianic times. Just look at the reality!

      Theoretically, you're right. But, the reality is that the Erev Rav are the ones with the power to build and they're intent on building a "House of Prayer for All Religions" with the Pope in center spot.

      That being the case, we should hope no one builds it until Mashiach comes and builds it properly. That's my take on it.

    2. Imagine building something special and prestige and the filthy and wicked humans desecrate it, defile it, and destroy it!... Exactly. It is best to wait until the almighty beats the garbage out of them until they are all gone completely meaning not one from them and their souls will remain and then we will have a balanced mind and recreate the temporary world on holiness and good standards in every way.

  5. You are terribly mistaken about rebuilding the Temple. Rambam says that one of the ways we'll know someone is Mashiach is by his building the Temple. Clearly, if we wait for him to be identified first, it'll never get done.

    Tivnu li mikdash doesn't mean tivnu li mikdash after Mashiach comes. That was a thing we comforted ourselves with in all those centuries of galut. "We can't do anything because we have to wait for Mashiach". That's nonsense. We do what Hashem commanded us. We don't wait.

    1. Please see my comment just above yours.

    2. As my daughter says: "Jews can't even pray up there!"

  6. Humanity’s obsession with the “freedom” from the Creator brought upon itself only distraction. Thus, the Hebrew word for "chiseled", "charut", can be interpreted to mean "freedom" (in Hebrew, "cheirut"); the tablets freed the world from the sentence of death and its spiritual analog, exile. (Avot 6:2; Eiruvin 54a; Shemot Rabbah 32:1) The Mixed Multitude, however, reintroduced this impurity or self-orientation into the world perpetrated by the sin of the Golden Calf. Here is Modern erev rav, who presents so much heresy and is given a front page in New York Times to corrupt as many people as possible. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/13/opinion/is-god-transgender.html?_r=1
    But Moses accepted them, thinking that it would be good to absorb them into holiness. But on the contrary, they ruined Israel, as it written, "Go, descend, for your people who you brought up out of Egypt have corrupted..." (ibid. 32:7). It does not say "have been corrupted" but "have corrupted", meaning, "have corrupted others," i.e. Israel. This the meaning of the words "[G‑d became angry with me] on your account." These people and their offspring by now made up the majority of the Jews in the desert. This is why Moses was forced to insert an extra year [the Jubilee year] after every 49 years. This extra year serves as a warning that Israel must not again err by accepting converts wholesale and being misled by them.

  7. This extra year serves as a warning that Israel must not again err by accepting converts wholesale and being misled by them.
    CHANA! CHANA! CHANA! wow is right, Devash! WOW...WOW AND DOUBLE WOW...WHAT A VART!

  8. Chana - beautifully said. Devash, this article brought me almost to tears to know this evil is going on even if we have been reading about all these evil plans for a while. These are nazis once again arising from their sleep over the last seven decades. They know they can't pysically anniliate the bnai Yisrael so they have been working on this one world avodah zorah but first making sure that the youth of Israel are so dumb downed, knowing less than nothing about Torah Judaism and being indoctrinated with all kinds of liberal garbage that everyone is the same, blah, blah; thus, being able to make these gullible robots believe in this chilul H', c'v. All is being exposed, including which 'rabbis' are Erev Rav and which 'jews' are also. We all need to pray and keep on saying 'Shfoch et chamatcha.....'

    Another thing, the greatest of all prophets, Moshe Rabbeinu made this great mistake as the great King Solomon who also made the mistake of bringing in the foreign women who corrupted the Land. We learn that since everything is from Shamayim, it's probably the way H' wanted. Hard to grasp onto such a thought, but as I read, Chazal tell us that if Moshe would not have taken along this riff raff, he would have taken us into the Land and thus he would have been Moshiach. Moshiach has to be from the malchus Beis Dovid but will have the neshama of Moshe. There are things that are hard to swallow or maybe I just don't have enough Torah knowledge to understand. This has to be the birth pangs of Moshiach now.


    1. When the almighty does something, it is for the good. But a human being has free will and when they do something, it is all bad and they are mentally deranged and soo bent that they can destroy all civilizations in the world and not care at the very least. They are truly the lowest of nazi's. There is a huge difference from the two and It is not only israel that is in danger but all of the world and not only jews but even all the good people of every nation who honor the ten commandments. But the upcoming months will be the end of every wicked being and then we will know what is good and truth. The stage is already set and the process only has to play. The star is the biggest possibility maybe in one month and that alone is for the good of everything.