23 August 2016

Kudos to J-TV

20 Menachem Av 5776

I said I'd let you know the result of my email complaint. Nehemiah Coopersmith of J-TV responded kindly and promptly.

It's news to me that he is a jew... how do you know that?
I sent your email to the head of JTV asking for clarification.
if he's a jew we will take it down asap

To which I wrote...

His Hebrew name is the first clue. And then there's this...
Hananya Naftali
I'm the Israeli Jewish Christian who sometimes talk to the camera [link removed] and writes about life in Israel. 
 When you go to his link, it brings you to his introductory video in which he says... "My name is Chananya, I'm an Israeli, I'm Jewish by blood and Christian by faith."

And Nehemiah wrote right back...

crazy! we're are taking it down asap, and I was in touch with the editor at JTV who obviously didn't know this. it was a mistake
thanks for bringing it to our attention

I finished with...

So, I got to it originally through Aish.com who also did not vet it before posting it. We all have to be a lot more careful in the future. The thanks goes to one of my readers "Shifra R" who brought it to my attention.

Thank you ever so much for being so prompt in your response and for taking responsibility to take the offending video down. I and my readers are happy to know it was a mistake and not intentional.

Kol tuv. Tizke l'mitzvot!

I'm happy it was resolved so quickly and cordially. It really is worth it to take the time to get involved. Many thanks again to Shifra!!