07 August 2016

Something Else to Be Sad About

4 Av 5776

Jews don't want to live in Israel, but non-Jews are pounding on the doors and giving up everything to get here. The nations (and those Jews who sympathize with them) are working hard to turn Israel into just another nation among all the nations of the world, i.e. majority gentile!!

Calling all God-fearing Diaspora Jews to do your part in keeping Eretz Yisrael Jewish!!

Another money-making endeavor. Let's see who can sell out the homeland the fastest.


Moving to Israel as a Non-Jew

For those who are seeking to start a new life in Israel who do not have Jewish roots, we hope this information is helpful.

You might be among many, who would like to immigrate to Israel but have no idea where to start, as you do not have Jewish roots. (In other words, your mother, grandmother, great grandmother is not Jewish) …

Before you consider any ‘formal’ relocation ( to be discussed a bit later) we at Momentum Israel would suggest that you spend some time visiting this amazing country …