29 August 2016

Back By Special Request

25 Menachem Av 5776


  1. It is so amazing how humanity has not changed for the better and has brought the planet back to this old and contrmptible mode that once was. This in itself will fail and cause worldwide mayhem and confusion because it is soo filthy and vile. It is the pre-flood generation, it is sodom and gomorroh, it is voyage generation and it would be better to be dead than continue to live like this anymore. America is clearly finished and will be wiped out soon. Only the good souls can survive in the final phases coming up.

  2. I found these disturbing and has to quit viewing them. I’d rather not allow this stuff into my head. Maybe the videos of unusual weather would be more neutral?

  3. These are clearly the signs of the repeat of the Tower of Babel. The use of the world global village, etc. The insanity is so in your face that think it would be difficult to believe anyone with a bit of intelligence not seeing it. The extreme weather conditions, etc. Clearly, signs of the times before the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu. Praying he comes soon. nili