22 August 2016

"The Story of Us"

19 Menachem Av 5776

(With Thanks to Devorah Esther)

A true righteous convert invites you to share her journey as she explains her connection to the Jewish People. (Watch upcoming issues of Mishpacha Magazine for the whole story.)


  1. I wanted to share a news story with you...unfortunately it is encumbent on us to keep the Jewish Nation informed as to the wicked designs that are being forced upon people, through political and monetary ransom of countries. (surely other countries will follow suit). What a devastating decimation. Between this and Zika, they will surely kill off the population of many countries, in a cold and calculated manner. It is a heartbreaking reality that their sordid plans are going forward.



    1. Thanks, NS. I agree. And sorry I missed your initials the first time around. Thank you for correcting the link.

  2. The video was so touching; who knows how many Jews have this story to tell. Soon Moshiach will be here and everything will be righted and the reunification of families. nili