28 August 2016

What Does It Really Mean to Be "A Light to the Nations"?

24 Menachem Av 5776

Know that mixing with gentiles either through going to them or bringing them to us, diminishes our light and darkens the world. And know, too, that anyone who facilitates their entry and presence in Eretz Hakodesh has a share in the sin of any idolatry that they commit and any Jew that they deceive. It would be better for such a person that he had never been born.

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  1. Not to mention the kind that israel receives!, not everybody is bad but a-lot are. If it was me as head-leader, the bad ones here would all be dead and the good ones would all be sent back immedietely with no exceptions. This kind of immigration destroyed the whole western world and there is no doubt that it will do the same in israel but we know that redemption and the cleansing of this filthy and wild world is almost here so win win.

  2. A light unto nations means being truly proud Jews, standing firm to the Torah and Jewish principles, even if you're being ridiculed and mocked at by non-Jews, secular Jews or so-called religious Jews who are ashamed of their Jewish heritage and some Jewish laws and rituals.

    1. See "A Holy Nation, Separated By G-d" - http://bit.ly/2c0sJ2K

  3. there is a major problem with missionaries on Tourist visas working and volunteering on Kibbutzim.

  4. I would really appreciate knowing the sources you base these statements on. We are to be a "light unto the nations" (Isaiah 49:6) yet you say that this would diminish our light. You object to non-Jews living in Israel, yet halacha specifically permits this, and it is called ger toshav. I am very confused, since you claim to be a torah observant Jew, yet you say these things which directly contradict torah concepts.