04 August 2016

Identity Confusion

29 Tamuz 5776
Erev Rosh Chodesh Av

Today's gender confusion where a man can be considered a woman if that's how he identifies himself (and vice-versa)  is a symptom of a deeper problem. The same issue exists at the soul-level. Ultimately, this is all part of a plan by the Sitra Achra to destroy the Jewish People both from within and from without.

Where once we were a uniquely identifiable people (unique names, dress, language, customs) set apart as the Chosen People by our connection to Torah and mitzvot, today, it is nearly impossible to tell who is a Jew and who is not. Sometimes, we don't even know who we are supposed to be; how we are supposed to act; etc.

There is an enemy within who has gone out with one goal - to mix us up with the gentiles to the point where "we" no longer exist as the unique Jewish People.
  • Modern-day Hellenists who admire everything "Western" and marry it to Judaism, God forbid!
  • Traitors who invented a "Jewish" form of Christianity (so-called "Messianic Judaism") which tells the gentiles that a Christian is more Jewish than the Jew who does not believe and that they are the inheritors of the promises made to the Jewish People, God forbid!
  • Traitors who have turned the Noahide laws into a substitute religion for former Christians and encourage gentiles to adopt anything from Judaism that appeals to them, even to looking, speaking, acting and performing mitzvot just like the Jews. (Just like the accursed Reform and Conservative, they have degraded Judaism to a smorgasbord laid out for people to pick and choose from. It's there to enjoy, not to sacrifice for.) God forbid!
  • Traitors who travel the world informing Christian foreigners that they are from Israel's Ten Lost Tribes and invite them to "return" and assume their "rightful" place among us in our holy land, God forbid!
There is a Big Push here at the End of Days to totally annihilate what is left of the Jewish People through mass global assimilation - from within and from without. This is the final war for hearts and minds and like a besieging army from days gone by, they are reaching us across bridges that they have built and over walls that they have broken down.

A day does not go by when one does not hear something about "the Abrahamic faiths". This is the "interfaith" attack from without. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are held to be equally valid and whomever rejects this lie is an "extremist" who is really the root of all terror in the world and must be eliminated, one way or another. It speaks movingly about the brotherhood of all mankind and invites the Jews to sit at the table and share in our mutual Abrahamic legacy. 

What they choose to overlook is that though their patron was related to Avraham Avinu, they have no share with us, for the Torah clearly tells us that Avraham's covenant passed to Yitzchak and from Yitzchak to Ya'aqov. Both Yishmael and Eisav were rejected. And furthermore, Avraham Avinu separated Yishmael from Yitzchak by sending him away out of his house. And Yitzchak separated Ya'aqov from Eisav by sending him away to Padan Aram. And Ya'aqov himself, after being met by Eisav on his return and being invited to accompany Eisav to his home in Seir, actually separated himself from his brother by continuing his journey in the opposite direction. As far as we know, they never met up again in this life.

Identity confusion: Jews who know nothing of authentic Judaism; gentiles who think they are Jews or Israelites (B'nei Yosef, Ephraimites); Christians who think the Arabs are both Yishmael and Eisav (because, of course, they are not Eisav!); and then, you've got the following...

A "rabbi" from Israel telling the members of an American Messianic-Jewish church that they are really the Erev Rav. It just doesn't get any crazier than this.

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel at Celebration Congregation


  1. 1) This sentence: "the Sitra Achra to destroy the Jewish People both from WITHIN and from WITHOUT" perfectly describes today's gender confusion. The Sitra Achra (the other side, the opposite of holiness) known as, Samael שמאל / סמאל, the Left, brought immorality and corruption to the world - indeed the opposite of holiness.

    2) “Assur le'adam lehistakel betzelem d'mus adam rasha - It is forbidden to gaze at the face of an evil or wicked person” (Megillah, 28a)
    I believe listening to that Jeremy rabbi falls under the same law.

    3) 2 days ago you mentioned: The 2016 Olympic Games are set to begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Rosh Chodesh Av (Aug 5th) until after Shabbat Nachamu (Aug. 21st). Yes, that means the Israeli Jews who participate will be doing so throughout the 9 Days of Av and the fast itself.
    Not a coincidence that Facebook deleted Israel from list of Olympics participants. (Arutz 7 today)


    1. the devil is a servent of the almighty to help bring the jews and good souls to a higher level and it is a test so it does not count. these wicked people surpassed all malicious levels and restraints.

    2. WJack, what do you mean by "it does not count"?

    3. it means that the devil or evil inclination works spiritually not physically and is a servant of heaven and even if he encourages us to do bad, the test is for us to overcome it and it is different than a physical enemy and some of the worst of them are the erev rav and they destroy us worse than the evil inclination because they do not work on behalf of heaven even though the almighty created everything. never the less, the devil is a servant of heaven meant to strengthen us and the physical enemy is much worse because they work against us and have free will and are for themselves and do nothing but bring us down.

  2. Dear Devorah Chaya, Yes, sounds right. Things are REALLY GETTING MIXED UP these days. Aryeh Yosef

  3. The age of deception is here and thanks to digital technology is now even easier to fool people in mass numbers. Total manipulation of the masses is possible now. . Subliminal informational submission is accomplished with classic mainstream media “authority” tells the audience “this is official and true certified informational."All voices of TRUTH and sanity are silenced then replaced by meaningless, distracting nonsense or meaningless, tribal sports competitions (the Rio Olympics). The point is to dumb down the entire population to the point of cultural lunacy.
    This shabat we will be saying 'chazak chazak v'nitchazek' be strong holding to the TORAH AND DO THE WILL OF HASHEM. Those who wants to save themselves have to be aware that borer (our choices we make) is ongoing and the right choice can tip the scale.
    Shabat shalom, Chana

  4. Are erev ravs bound by the 613 laws or the 7 laws of Noah ?
    Are there righteous erev ravs or are they all bad ?
    Is there any human tool that can help identify an erev rav and an authentic Jew ?


    1. We don't know who the Erev Rav are today. If he's a Jew, he's obligated in the 613 Commandments. The original Erev Rav were at the time the Jews left Egypt and some Egyptians joined them. They were not from Jewish origin. Today, who can you pinpoint as Erev Rav? Can you prove it? Just because he's a sinner doesn't automatically put him in the category of Erev Rav.

  5. First, must give a big yasher koach once again to Devash. All your posts supercede all others, but this one topped them all! I will forward to others. Everything you wrote here encompasses all the evils taking place at this time of history. The world is filled with evil because the media of all nations are in the employ of their governments and all governments have become global with a goal. The sitra achra has taken hold everywhere. Eisav/Yishmael/Erev Rav are in an alliance and are powerful. They just don;t understand that they are a tool which is being used by the CREATOR and think they are a power unto themselves. This has been prophecied and, hopefully, soon all evil and evildoers will then be finished.

    As far as Gimpel is concerned, I remember well when he was on the Arutz 7 radio program with a real Rabbi where he had his own interpretation of the Prophets they were discussing and automatically, I knew something is not right with Gimpel (think the Rabbi thought the same) and I was proven right about him. You just need to read on Jewish Israel about his love affair with the xtian church.

  6. To AS: Where do you get your information from? We are told by our Sages that there were even about 2 million or so, Egyptians that came along for the ride. They were not sincere and they had in mind to convert and to eventually do what they have been successful in doing throughout the millenia, destroying as much of Torah Judaism as possible and causing the spiritual and physical destruction of millions of our people. The Jews who were not good Jews did not even want to come along and thus perished in Egypt in the plague of darkness. The Erev Rav are usually in posiitons of power and wealthy, thus having these terrible influences on the Jewish people. nili