17 August 2016

The Katrina - Gush Katif Connection Continues

13 Menachem Av 5776

Just as we Jews were remembering the tragedy of the Gush Katif Expulsion, the Americans (who probably ordered it) were being forced to remember the devastation of Hurricane Katrina which occurred at the same time. 

Les Miles on Louisiana flooding: 'This so reminds you of Katrina'

Hurricane Katrina Survivors Forced From Homes Again in Deadly Louisiana Flooding

"Worse than Hurricane Katrina": Coffins float down street as devastating Louisiana floods uproot caskets from graveyard

'Pray for Us': Death Toll Rises in Louisiana as Tens of Thousands Flooded Out of Homes

Floodwaters rush into Baton Rouge-area homes, sending thousands to shelters
Margaret Teague, 61, only moved back to Louisiana in November. 

This time, she settled in Baker, a small city over 90 miles north of her last Louisiana home on the West Bank of New Orleans. Her West Bank home had been ruined 11 years ago this month, during Hurricane Katrina.

Teague and her family evacuated before Katrina and didn't look back for several years. They stayed in Houston for nine months, and then moved to Ohio, where she had grown up, for another decade. They returned to Louisiana late last year to be closer to her son.

But on Saturday, Teague and her family were forced to evacuate from a second Louisiana home. She and her husband Reginald awoke Saturday morning (Aug. 13) to the roof of their bedroom in Baker caving in from heavy rain. By 9 a.m., water had also started to seep in from the doorways and was up to Teague's knees.

"I was calling 911, but I couldn't get them on the phone," Teague said in an interview.


  1. Why do you suppose that HaShem has renewed punishment of Louisiana for what happened in Gush Katif eleven years later? There have also been uncontrollable Fires in California since the 17th of Tamuz. There have been at least two multiple stabbings attacks on trains in Europe since Tisha B'Av. The attack in the Swiss Alps included setting fire to the train car while 6 were stabbed in the train car on Tisha B'Av. And just yesterday, three days after Tisha B'Av, there was another knife attack on an Austrian train that injured two.

    Also the riotous lawlessness in the black ghettos of Milwaukee, Wisconsin also began on Tisha B'Av. It has been marked by vicious hatred for white cops and for white people in general.

    What would you say is the common denominator of these various forms of devastation? Tisha B'Av 5776 seems to be the common denominator. Is there another thing that they all have in common?

  2. You tell me. You are the answer man. ;-)

    Seriously, when I read the reference to "West Bank", it made me think that maybe they are plotting some Gush-Katif-style expulsion on our West Bank and that's why the renewed warnings. I don't really have a clue. I just know it's significant.

  3. Midah keneged Midah.
    It has been 11 years and many of the expelled are still not settled, which is a travesty of justice.
    Just as there are 11 ingredients in the ketoret alluding to the crushing of these ingredients in order to sweeten them, similarly they sweeten the harsh decrees.
    11 is the "vav = 6" and "heh = 5" in HaShem's Name. This is the Din aspect of Elokim and HaShem is reminding us, as He did 11 years, that He is wearing the "KETER / KATRINA" or Crown.
    11 also brings the 25-Ohr ha Ganuz or the Hidden Light of Creation to 36-Lammed Vav Nisterim. The 36 Hidden Tzaddikim may be on the verge of being revealed....somehow...somewhere...sometime.

  4. I grew up on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Occupied Osage Indian Territory. The Osage were wiped out by the invading white "settlers" who founded the trading post called S. Louis, named after the famous Talmud burner from the 1240s. I am the last of the Osage, Chief Laughing Bear, Dov Bear Yitzchak.

  5. I wonder if the floods and fires are a result of the injustices of American politics for Jonathan Pollard same as elven years ago loss of freedom to live free in Gush Katif

  6. Soon as this news of the flooding in Baton Rouge came out, the first thing coming to mind was Gush Katif. All the above comments give good analysis. After all these years, there are still many of the expellees who are still in limbo. Simply put, who cannot see the Hand of G-D (so to speak) in everything. nili

  7. We need to take into account also that floods represent the sins of man; the world was flooded completely at the time of Noah just for the sin of same sex marriage!