04 March 2014

Signs of the Times

2 Adar Bet 5774

Following are pictures of signs that I took with my phone one day.  I thought you might find them as interesting as I did.  The first one is self-explanatory.  It is posted right next to the checkpoint where Jews from Binyamin pass on their way into the eastern entrance of Jerusalem.  The road going up to the Arab village known as Azayim exits right there.

I like the next one because it's a reminder that even 24 hr stores close on Shabbat here. This one is located on the back side of Davidka Square facing Haneviim St.

This next one was plastered on a wall outside the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. it says...
"Father in Heaven : Send Mashiach Now!"

Underneath, someone has penciled in...
"It won't come for free."

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