02 March 2014

A Balanced Look at Both Sides

30 Adar Alef
Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet

To Rally or Not, That is the Question
By: JoeSettler

...the Settlers and Dati-Leumi community needs to realize that Lapid and friends are the enemies of Torah life in Israel and of settlements. The Haredim are easy targets right now, but their recent slip of targeting Hesder proves it won’t quietly end with just Haredim.

The fact that Haredi draft goals are being met, and don’t require spurious criminal sanctions added onto the bill, indicate that this is a populist and dangerous attack, unconnected to the draft.

It doesn’t matter that, right now, we can’t count on the Haredim in the political realm. We need to trust that if we do the right thing here, the Haredim will mature and begin to start acting as responsible and reliable allies, just as they’ve been quietly sending more and more young men to the army.

If they don’t act properly, the onus is on them – but letting Lapid win and take back all the progress that was made in expanding Haredi draft numbers – just so he’ll win more seats in the next election – that onus will be on us.

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  1. A Yasher Koach to Joe Settler!

  2. Here's another perspective, from Feiglin:

    Best thing to happen to Haredim

    There ar many reasons for what is happening, and we need to hear all the voices.

  3. Neshama, IY"H, I'll respond later. Thanks for commenting.