"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

19 March 2014

Message from Daniel: "They Will Die Just from Fear"

18 Adar Bet 5774

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In Daniel's second message: 'They Will Die Just from Fear" - He describes the collapse of this world as we know it. In his conversation with his father, he explains and clarifies in detail the chareidi educational situation and particularly the educational trend in seminaries and yeshivot, and what can be done to remedy the situation and save the next generation.

They Will Die Just from Fear

Abba, Abba, we are in such a difficult situation, so difficult. In the Land of Israel as well as in the United States, in Europe, in Australia, in China, in Russia - in the whole world, the situation is very difficult. The whole world is about to collapse. The whole world as we know it is going to change, and actually, it's already happening.


The Pacific Ocean - there are almost no fish left in it. Since the Japanese tsunami and the leak in the nuclear reactor at Fukushima - daily it's spilling to the sea, and also to the air, tons of radioactive material, and the Pacific Ocean is going to slowly, slowly die. On the other side of the planet, there was a giant leak in the Gulf of Mexico - in it leaked millions of barrels of oil to the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to the thousands of tons of toxic chemicals spilled to plug the leak, that poisoned the fish and reduced the amount of fish. And, in general, all over the world, waste of all kinds is spilling into the seas. Lately, tons of dead fish of all kinds are showing up on beaches all over the world.

Question. I read about a study published about ten years ago, still before the aforementioned threats, whose headline was: 'In another 50 years there won't be any fish left in the sea...'?

Answer. I believe it will happen much earlier, and it's already happening. Look in the Gemara where it's written that the time will come that it will be difficult to obtain a fish for a sick person.


The whole population is getting sicker and sicker. How can it be that just in Israel, in one generation - half a million people are sick with diabetes. And a great number of these are ill with a disease and the situation is going to get worse.


Worldwide economic problems - even though the market is going up and up, it's a lie. In the near future - the economy will collapse and we will have massive inflation.


All over the world - including Israel, Jews and gentiles - they are declining in an amazing way in every thing connected to morality and modesty. All religions are based on the marriage of a man with a woman, but the world's behaviors have become worse than the 'jungle.' In the 'jungle,' the animals go according to natural laws, a male mates with a female, but now, a person goes against nature. And in many countries in the world it is permitted to marry man with man and woman with woman, even though it's against the religions of the whole world, against nature, etc.

(The Situation in the World and in Israel)

We're in a difficult situation. The whole world is in a difficult situation and people simply don't want to know. Also here, in Eretz Yisrael, the place where we live, the Holy Land - just now we are going into a very difficult period. Indeed, from one side, I'm very frightened, but from the other side, I'm happy because all of this is written in the prophets.

Listen well, Abba. It's written that Mashiach can't take rulership from the Erev Rav, these are the Zionists. There has to be something between them. The government as we know it, the government of Ben Gurion and all the 'Mapai'nikim and their kind who were established in 1948 - must disappear. We are on the verge of the collapse of the State as we've known it. And this government - it's really the rule of the Erev Rav. Indeed, there is also in the Knesset non-Erev Rav, but the leadership of the government - they are a majority Erev Rav. And the whole State of Israel is full of people who are 'so-called important,' like judges, policemen, military, etc. - really Erev Rav. And a portion of them - are even gentiles, really. Because of language in Eretz Yisrael, in the State of Israel, there are many 'Jews' who are non-Jews because their mother or their grandmother, etc. didn't convert properly. And the State is full of these. It's a bit difficult to know who's really Jewish and who's not.

Now, we see that they took "The Great Soldier Hero" - Arik Sharon, and wanted to make from his death a great celebration, or at least they tried to make from it a big celebration. They came from various countries, delegations of diplomats. They took him to lie next to the Knesset so that everyone could  come and tell him good-bye, and at the end, they buried him on his farm. They planned that there would be thousands of people and at the end, there were very few people. And this resulted in a great embarrassment for the organizers of the show all over the world. Interesting, why did they do this? Why did they make such a big celebration? Why? After all, an enormous percentage of Jews here in Israel hate him!?

Because the great, ruling evildoers in the world wanted to show us that this 'Great Hero,' this 'Strong Right-wing Jew,' under the pretext of 'for the sake of peace,' bent down and went against his own wishes and gave Gush Katif to the Arabs. He took good Jews who built homes and established a generation, they built settlements which protected the security of this whole region and took them out with force from their homes - men, women and children, heartless.  He demolished and ruined synagogues and study halls without conscience and all the people saw and kept quiet except for a few weak demonstrations, considering the nature of the issue. But, we know the truth - he didn't go 'for the sake of peace,' but because of the evildoers who forced him to go this way. And from Aza, they are continuing to bombard us...

He wasn't a 'hero' at all, and it was not an act of heroism. If he was a true hero - he would not have let it happen. He would have fought against it. If he was a true hero - he would have had faith and trust in HKB"H, but he was hardly a Jew, hardly a Jew internally. Arik was Prime Minister, he was a "fighter," but he didn't have a heart. He didn't have a Jewish heart.

Unfortunately, this exists very much with the 'so-called leaders' of our government. They don't have a Jewish heart. They want to destroy Judaism completely. They want to introduce here the rule of gentiles. They imagine that they will have employment, and that they will have part of the rule with these evildoers. But, the gentiles won't want them. And you will see that also Netanyahu is ready to give settlements, 'and how,' also in Jerusalem. The gentiles will take over here in Israel without a war and actually, they've already begun to take over, to come in. But, it's not far off, it will arrive in the near future. They will take over, the Zionists will fall, and then our righteous Mashiach will arrive.

Am Yisrael, our future is very difficult. And if you read what I write, you will say: "It can't be! It's not possible!" But, it's already happening. The Christians have reached every corner of Eretz Yisrael. American soldiers are already here. And in a little bit, more foreign soldiers will arrive. Because whoever is trying to rule over the world - first and foremost wants Eretz Yisrael. Those who are behind the Arab Spring are trying to do this here also. They're not so successful with this, but they have all kinds of methods and there's a method of 'buying people with money,' - and this works here fine. They're in control. They're in control over 'our government,' so-called, they're in control over the big businesses, they're in control over the banks - in the world as well as in Eretz Yisrael. And in practice, they are already in control over the State of Israel. But they still have not shown their cards openly, except for individuals. They are now working hard to turn over the State of Israel from a Jewish state to a state like all the peoples. To turn Jews into gentiles. Meanwhile, they're very much succeeding at this. And even among the chareidi Jews, there are those who allow themselves to be servants of these people. And why??? Money! 

(Chareidi Educational Situation)
There are schools, yeshivot, that owe money and that's what makes them lower their head and surrender and introduce into the schools psychologists, social workers with foreign ideas, and various learning programs such as the CORE of the gentiles with tracks including computers, etc. that's destroying this generation and instead of bringing them closer to Yiddishkeit, it distances them from Yiddishkeit. The girls are learning these things in order to maintain a young man in Torah study. But, they're also distancing the boys from Torah learning - and no one says anything! And why don't they say anything? Money, money, money!

Chareidim want to walk in goodness, in ways of pleasantness, but the Zionist-evildoers don't walk in goodness. They don't behave towards the Chareidim with goodness. They also compelled them to study the CORE curriculum, and also they cut to them support from every direction. So, really, for what are the Chareidim bending to the wishes of the evil seculars? This I do not comprehend or could it be that there are Erev Rav among us, among the Chareidim, among the Jews, as it's written. That's certain.

And our future is more frightening. The economic situation, antisemitism, and persecution after the Jews of the world. More and more Jews will arrive here, and also Erev Rav. There will be aliyah - until the majority of the real Jews will be here, and then Mashiach will arrive. The State of Israel will fall. There will be gentile rule. And the greatest sign that it's happening is the handing over of King David's tomb. From the moment that the Catholics take King David's tomb - we're in big trouble.

It will be hard, but at least we will see clearly who-belongs-to-what. Who belongs to Am Yisrael - and who belongs to the Erev Rav and the gentiles. The things will finally be clear. And even though the situation will be so difficult and outside the Land of Israel there will be wars like never were throughout history, but at least everything will be clear to us.

And after this, God willing, all the real Jews who hold on strongly to HKB"H and His Torah, will merit to welcome our righteous Mashiach. They will be ready for this, because they sacrificed themselves and did not go with the gentiles and the Erev Rav. And this will be the last test - to show HKB"H that we are with Him, that we trust in Him, and believe in Him that He is the Omnipotent One, and we will receive upon us in joy the Kingdom of Heaven. And then, we will pass more stages, but at the end of the thing, our righteous Mashiach will lead us to the complete redemption in mercy and joy.

[Part 2 with Q&A as time permits]


  1. Please forgive my ignorance, but I am under the impression that the writer {Daniel} is autistic, and yet he says he ''read an article'' about the fish dying..... do autistic children read these kind of articles? The autistic boys I know would never read or understand such things. So I'm just asking....

  2. Anonymous, this was a question that someone who was present asked and Daniel answered it.