"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

18 March 2014


UPDATED: 25 Adar Bet 5774

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Change Rolling Stones date, plead religious Israelis

Another case of how people are being forced to choose their side.  No longer can religious people have a foot in each world. Choose - either Torah or Hellenism.

Not Jews yet Jewish! Welcoming the ‘Seed of Israel’

More of flooding the Jewish people with non-Jews.


Tel Aviv to allow grocery stores to open on Shabbat


Women creating a new tradition

Chareidim to Protest Arrest of Grodna Yeshiva Bochur

Chareidim around areas of Israel will be taking to the streets in protest on Wednesday evening, 17 Adar II 5774. The protests surround the arrest and jailing of a talmid yeshiva who attends the Grodna Yeshiva in Ashdod. The talmid, Yaakov Yisrael Paz, was sentenced to 10 days in an IDF jail for adhering to the words of his roshei yeshiva. He ignored his first and second draft notice....

Rabbanut’s Refusal to Perform Giyur on an Actress Revives Controversy

A decision by a Chief Rabbinate beis din to disqualify a candidate for giyur because she is an actress is being used by the agency’s opponents to prove there is a need to revamp the entire giyur system and remove the Chief Rabbinate’s exclusivity. Alin Levy explains “The rav phoned and told me they have decided to stop the process because my profession does not go together with giyur”.

According to the Yediot Achronot and Mako reports, she was also a participant in the Big Brother program and the giyur process which she began months ago has been halted as a result. This was also told by Levy to Channel 10 News on Sunday night the eve of 15 Adar II.

The woman in question was born in the Ukraine. Her mother is a non-Jew and her dad is Jewish. She began the giyur process while studying acting in the school. She tells the media the rabbonim informed her they will not meet with her until such time she abandons the acting studies and makes a major change in her lifestyle. “There is no point in continuing the process” she quotes the beis din explaining the rabbonim insist that she changes her current lifestyle....

JPost: Political battle in coalition breaks out over conversion bill

A fierce political fight broke out on Tuesday between coalition partners Hatnua and Bayit Yehudi over a bill on reforming the conversion process, authored by MK Elazar Stern.

...MK Orit Struck of Bayit Yehudi ...claimed that Stern’s bill would lead to “fictitious conversions” and that anyone passing through the system would not be Jewish,....

Haaretz: Israel must prevent another conversion crisis

...Make no mistake; the bill, which allows municipal rabbis to establish conversion courts, is an important and justified proposal. In addition to expanding the number of conversion courts, the bill would allow more moderate rabbis to enter the field of conversion.

...Another goal of the bill’s opponents is to make sure that only Orthodox conversions are recognized in Israel. Unlike in matters of marriage and divorce, the Orthodox monopoly on conversion has never actually been codified. For just this reason, the Supreme Court has consistently ruled in favor of recognition of Reform and Conservative conversions performed both in the Diaspora and in Israel.

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