23 March 2014

Message from Daniel: "NO FURTHER" (Part 2 Q&A)

21 Adar Bet 5774

Part 2 - Q&A: "They Will Die Just from Fear"

Q. Why come to the educational institutions with complaints? Salaries for teachers, electricity, water, cleaning? Where will the money come from?

A. Abba, understand one thing: The evildoers are not interested that there will be even one yeshivah in the land. They want to eliminate the Jewish religion completely, we should never know such. They're just making a game with the Chareidim. Like, for example, if you want a horse to go, put before him a piece of carrot on a stick and pull the stick, and he'll go where you want him to go... And what's most interesting is that the real-Jews believe in them and don't see the lie that is so clear! So, instead of going down before them on their knees to beg for money, it's better to turn the back to them, to show contempt for them, and trust in Hashem, and start yeshivas without money. Sit and learn in the synagogues, in homes. But, they want money and honor, money and honor...

Q. The girl learns in a seminary with the CORE curriculum, "blowing up" their heads with the pressure of so many various professions, tests, papers, projects, homework. Various and sundry studies, about the history of the gentiles, how many electrons are in an atom, how many times a cricket chirps in the summer... and other kinds of nonsense that I don't know at all for what it is needed. But, teach them what a Yiddishe Mama needs - how to cook, how to sew, how to raise children - this is not being taught at all. On the other hand - to leave her in the home is impossible. I feel that her soul is drowning in the sea of nonsense, and I don't know what to do...

A. Look, Abba, I want to explain. The chareidi education for girls today turns them into robots, to superficial seekers of materialism. It turns them into someone who doesn't have the heart, the soul or the outward appearance of a true Jew. I'm not talking about whoever goes to learn to be a ganenet or school teacher, although now, these also need to study psychology and various other things that are really goyishe. The psychologist can't compete with the Torah in anything to do with human relations. There's no comparison. And since we almost don't have any more elderly Jews, real ones, who remember the true and the righteous from the previous generations, who can direct the generation to Yiddishkeit, to true-Judaism, therefore, it's a very big problem. Because of this, they are able to introduce into our education system all kinds of inferior things without us paying attention to it at all. There are remaining to us a few Jews like these and very small groups of Jews who are trying very much to live like previous generations. But the majority prefer the materialism and lack of spirituality which has entered into the chareidi world.

So, therefore, together with the job that the chareidi-world wants to compete with the secular world, they want to be Chareidi, but with all the materialism of the seculars and the majority do not understand that the moment they try to imitate the seculars and only add some kind of 'hechsher' to it - then, we have a problem.

For example - it's like giving a hechsher to various restaurants. We go to the restaurant to eat, the food is kosher badatz, but it's not kosher! Because, how can it be kosher if women and men are coming, sitting and talking in a more open way, men and women sitting at the tables, laughing, talking, and eating, one-opposite-the-other, one is looking at the other, and there's a big window, and whoever passes on the street sees how they're eating. They stand together in line, all this is not kosher! It's impossible to give a 'hechsher' to a restaurant just for the food. It's not enough.

And that's our education today. It's kosher - because, on one hand, we're learning with a real Jewish approach of keeping Shabbat, holidays, customs, etc. On the other hand - something completely goyishe.

This is something very important that the girl is learning, that the greatest thing is to get married to a young man who learns Torah all day. And she, if she wants a young man like that - she has to be ready is ready to go out to work, except for giving birth, and apart from being a housewife and except for various other duties of a woman. And in order that the husband will sit and learn Torah all the time and for the sake of his Torah, she will work outside the home to earn money and she will also raise the children properly, and she will worry that the husband will have something to eat when she gets home, etc, and etc.

Now, what's the absurdity in this? The absurdity is what will become from this. Because we live in a society, in a very materialistic generation, so a situation emerges where the young men in yeshivas are learning the same thing - that they have to learn day and night and the wife needs to go to work. If the young man does not exactly get into this issue, and it doesn't suit him, because he does want to work, he does want to be the man of the house, and he can't sit and learn all day, he's a chareidi young man, he really believes in HKB"H, but since he can't sit and learn all day, so he becomes class B or C, even though he has set times to learn. And if he will say that he wants to go to work - no young woman will want him, because the young women are afraid to take someone like this, because it's not their education. So, a situation is created where 'these who learn Torah all day' - they don't always learn Torah all day, because they don't really have the ability to sit all day and to learn. But, they're afraid that there won't be this framework - so, all kinds of askanim leave it alone, and the young men, there's simply nothing they can do. So, they sit all day, many times they're just goofing around with one another, and getting into things that are not desirable, like internet games or things like these.

We have a difficult problem - because not everyone is naturally able to be a great Torah sage. Everyone can learn Torah. Everyone can be a good Jew. Everyone can be close to Hashem at the highest level. But, not everyone can sit and learn Gemara all day. There's no shame in working. And not only this, in Israel, a majority of Chareidim are working, even if they're learning in kollel, almost everyone is doing a job on the side, for the simple reason that there is not enough money to put food on the table. And those who say that "Chareidim don't work" - it's just a lie. And those who sit and learn without any job - they're very few. So, we already have distortion and danger. Because, in yeshivas today, not in all of them, they're not teaching love of Hashem. They're not introducing this into the soul of the boys. Ahavat Hashem - it's present in the soul naturally, but they're not strengthening it, and they don't elevate it in order that the young man will feel HKB"H. He doesn't feel HKB"H - so, therefore, he is susceptible now to all kinds of sins of the gentiles.

We'll return to the young women. The young women need to learn a profession. And when they finish the study, they're usually at age 20. And they want a young man who learns, but a young man who learns comes with... a price. He wants an apartment, because he learns every day. He's a good guy, let's say among the best, so she needs to pay for this. If he's a Litvak - so, it's a complete apartment if he's that good. if he's Hassidic - then half-and-half. Then a couple begins with everything that is needed: apartment, furniture, refrigerator and everything that is needed. New. And not only this - also, a lavish wedding. A wedding - simply a waste of money, especially when there is none... but, that's what has to be done.

Once, the young man had to pay the bride's parents in order to buy her. Talmidei chachamim looked for a young woman who could build for them a home of holiness. It was important for them that she would sit at home and raise the children, and, God forbid, not to go to work outside. And there are today many yeshivot that are educating the young men to remain in yeshivah as much as possible, instead of pushing them to get married - because it's good 'business,' and they receive allowances by the heads...

After the wedding - the wife begins to go to work, and the young man begins to sit and learn. Now, we have various types of young women. We have young women who work in education, etc. - the study material is not always kosher, but the environment is kosher. But, a girl who learns computer programs or these things, then even if she works in a company that employs only women - this job will bring her down spiritually.

Then there are those for whom the salary is not enough for them, so they find a better job in all kinds of other places, in banks, in Tel Aviv, places not kosher. But, they think, mistakenly, that it's allowed "for the sake of Heaven", so the husband will learn. Then there is a problem, a wife like this who has a serious job, because she earns the money, so she becomes the 'boss' at home. And not only this. She can't take the children to the doctor as needed, so the husband needs to leave his learning for this, etc. This causes damage to Yiddishkeit. As a result of this, the wife begins to dress less modestly to go out to the job. This leads to a situation that they need to plan the family because she can't give birth all year and also work. And this puts the girl and the ben-Torah in a very difficult situation. But, the biggest problem is - that very many of these couples very much want the materialism. And it's destroying everything. It's destroying Yiddishkeit and the holiness of the wife. They can't educate their children properly. It's a difficult problem.

It's not everyone. And those who are so affected by it, in the merit of their education at home, they're not suffering so hard. But, the majority forgot long ago what it is to be a real-Jew. Already, they don't feel it. It's not in their heart. They don't feel the pain of another Jew. They can't cry over the stories of the Holocaust. They're simply indifferent. They lost the feeling and the connection with their holy soul.

This spiritual descent - it's the disaster of our generation. Look at this generation, do they depend upon Hashem or do they depend upon the doctor? Or depend on the psychologist, the bank, or social security, the army, etc. For livelihood - they depend upon their place of employment and not upon HKB"H. They depend on their old-age pension and many still do not know that they're not going to get a penny from it. Oy! Some are going to have a heart-attack when it's disclosed that their insurance company went bankrupt. They're afraid that if one of these elements upon which they are so dependent will disappear, they won't know what to do. They'll be confused, feel lost. They forget that only HKB"H is All-Powerful.

There are many who the hard times like now cause them to wake up, open their eyes, see the truth, and repent. But, the majority - have no idea. Because, when they go in the street and see the chareidi immorality, and it can't be that the husband didn't agree to it, maybe here or there, there's some husband who doesn't agree, but the majority - the husbands agree with it. How do they agree with it? How do they agree that their women are walking this way on the street and other men are looking at them? And perhaps stumble because of her? This is already bringing various tragedies.

Chareidi education today is a big failure. How do we know this? We know this because there are so many divorces among Chareidim. And the number of divorces is rising. Ugly divorces. Many times there is a problem with adultery. And there is a problem of mamzerim among Chareidim, God protect us. Because it's impossible to behave like street-people without it influencing and harming. It's impossible to behave like gentiles, to dress like gentiles, without modesty, without it influencing them and the next generation. It simply can't be!

It's impossible to be in a school that teaches the 'CORE', gentile education which recently received a 'hechsher,' so to speak, impossible to study this secular learning-program and be under the authority of the secular Ministry of Education without being influenced by it and to know that it's lowering the next generation! It's impossible to go into a pigsty and come out clean!

And getting money from the evildoers - it's not like getting money from gentiles. It's getting money from the Erev Rav, and that's worse. Much worse. Because it's supposedly 'kosher' - but, it's not. It's more traif than getting money from gentiles. The gentiles want to annihilate us - and the Erev Rav want to turn Judaism into idolatry. Schools which take it - they're ruined. They are depending only on the evildoers and not on HKB"H. Because, if they were depending on HKB"H - they wouldn't have reached this situation, and would not have taken their tainted money. That's all I have to say.

Q. How is it possible to cope with this? How can it be fixed?

A. I'll tell you, Abba, the situation is so difficult. And not just in education. In every place there is a problem with superficiality, stupidity,  and etc. The yetzer hara is celebrating - with the Jews as well as with the gentiles. The pursuers after the Golden Calf. And now, the world is going down economically as well as with all kinds of wars, etc. And we, the Chareidi Jews know that we are really at the end before Mashiach. The truth is, Abba, there's not much hope for the future according to what's happening now, and there's not much we can do when we're standing before a problem this big.

The only thing that might work is if all the rabbis and gedolim would get together and say: "That's it, no further! We stop taking money from the evildoers and it doesn't matter what. We'll establish schools in homes, bomb shelters, women's areas, etc. helped by good Jews who will contribute money, and that's it. We're finished with it - and we're returning to what was."

But, it's a thing that's not so easy to do. There are people doing it, and thank God that there are, because even though they are few, upon them will be built the World-of-Mashiach. Thank God that it exists.

Abba, we simply need to pray about the youth, to pray about ourselves, to pray that we will do complete teshuva. To set an example for the children that we are close to Hashem. To speak with them a lot at home that there's no one upon whom to rely, just on HaKadosh Baruch Hu. To teach them not to speak lashon hara. To dress them modestly, to dress the girls modestly, and also to teach the boys to be modest, to teach them laws of holiness.

Then, Abba, we need Mashiach, and don't believe that anything else will help. Then, we need to pray and everyone will educate his children - that they will see the truth, that they will understand right from wrong. And to put into them a Jewish soul. To enliven in them again the Jewish soul. To teach them everything that is relevant to a real-Jew, all the laws of holiness. And this includes - the laws of yichud, clothing that is forbidden to wear, the prohibition of eating on the street, prohibition of mixing boys and girls together, issues of separation between men and women - not every wedding has a mechitza as is proper. And not every place has barriers. There are people who sit at the same table, if it's a family - father, mother, children, grandchildren, oh well, so what? But when there are guests and there are girls - it's impossible to seat them at the same table! It's simply not ok. They need a mechitza or another table. An uncle and niece sitting at the same table - it's forbidden. Prohibition of touching - for a boy from age 13 - and according to the stringent, from age 9 - it's forbidden to touch a girl from age 3, except for the father, the grandfather, or when she's married, the husband. And there are the most chareidi people who don't know this. There are many laws that people just don't want to know. And many problems were created by this. Particularly, that there will be modest and holy behaviors - in thought, in dress, in speech, and in eating. In every part of life - we must have holiness.

And also, young men need to know: It's important to guard one's eyes! ...it's required! Especially in our streets like today. He also needs to dress modestly and not to eat on the street. He doesn't need to draw attention. Modesty is relevant to the soul. Why does a young man go with a jacket even though he is hot? Because of the honor of HKB"H. He needs to be modest in his walk, because modesty is holiness. He needs to honor HKB"H. Not to be uncouth. Not to tell jokes with lashon hara or coarse jokes. Not to speak in the synagogue during prayer. Not to tell jokes when you need to be serious.

But, again, Abba, it's impossible to change this whole generation now. Only Hashem can do that. He's going to bring upon us such fears. But, again, we've said this and I'll tell it once more: Those who believe in HKB"H, who trust in HKB"H - they won't be afraid. But, those who are deep into the materialism and the falsehood and who lack modesty, those who don't believe, maybe they don't have a real Jewish soul, they won't be able to bear what's going to be. They will die just from fear. So, therefore -  return to HKB"H, trust only in Him and don't rely on anything else. And everyone should merit to greet Mashiach Tzidkeinu.


  1. It is a simple fact. The "begging for money" in Tevet of 5765 by the Litwak Chareidim and Gur Chassidim lead to the Disengagement being enabled by them through UTJ, their political party. Sharon even announced after Tommy Lapid left his govt right after Chanukah 5765, that if he could not get UTJ or Shas to join him, he was going to new elections. Shas wanted no part of Sharon's idiocy to their credit Rather than looking for other avenues to get the needed funds outside the Govt., UTJ begged for Sharon's stingy offer of 290 million shekel, and turned a blind eye to what came next for a full seven months that followed until that fateful Av 5765. During that time, their followers who have spent the last 350 years burying their pain in order to avoid false Messiahs, persistently ignored the pain of others who were being forcibly removed from their homes. When one has trained oneself to bury one's own pain, it is an easy next step to avoid feeling the pain of others. They delayed the Geulah one full Shmittah cycle, from the Gog ben Gog Cycle until our present cycle of the half iron (Xtianity) and half clay (Islam) 11th horned dude. So now in this Shmittah cycle they are being forced to stop begging. Sadly, from what Gafni and Litzman have refused to learn and admit, it is measure for measure what is happening to them now.

  2. Just two minor points:

    Shinui left just before Chanukah. UTJ sent its letter of intent to join Sharon on the 9th of Tevet, 5765 after Sharon's announcement that he needed Shas or UTJ to avoid new elections.

    It was really for 8 months, not 7, that UTJ ignored the pleas of residents of Jewish Gaza since 5765 had an Adar Bet.

    Because the Sin of joining Sharon was done on such a massive, public scale representing 5 mandates of voters for UTJ, the Teshuvah needs to be done in the same massive way.....Or the political party with both Gafni and Litzman STILL at its head over 8 years later after their original crime needs to simply disappear.

  3. It's spot on. What a mess we have today.

  4. I don't feel these are Daniel's words anymore like the old messages. It seems skewed.

  5. and even if they are not Daniel's words, Anonymous.... the message is still emes and one we need to absorb.

  6. Anonymous -why would you say the message is emes? its an opinion.