03 March 2014

Final Report on the Atzeret Tefilah

1 Adar II 5774
Rosh Chodesh II

Sorry to those who commented late and I could not respond. As expected, there were obstacles to overcome, but with God's help, we managed. Some people never made it because buses were over-filled or did not arrive.  Some had car trouble and sat on the side of the road, but thank God, He knows every heart and who wanted to participate, but could not, for whatever reason. Every trial that we suffered to do the right thing is precious in Hashem's eyes. He will surely reward every Jewish neshamah who took the time to seriously consider the issues and decided to put aside all complaints and just come together for the sake of His Torah. None of us is perfect and if we plan to wait until perfection is reached, until all complaints against each other have been satisfied before we set aside our grudges and come together, we will be waiting forever. Kol hakavod to all who participated, even those who said Tehillim at home!

Rabbi Nachman said: ...before the Mashiach comes, there will be a flood. (People will be flooded with atheism.) It will not be a flood of water, but of immorality. It will cover all the high mountains, even in the Holy Land, where the original flood did not reach. But this time, it will come with such strength that the water will splash over the land. This means that it will have an effect even in virtuous hearts. There will be no way to combat this with sophistication. All the royal ministers will be scattered, and the entire kingdom will not be firm on its foundation. The only ones who will uphold it will be the simple Jews who recite Psalms in simplicity. Therefore, when the Mashiach comes, they will be the ones to place the crown on his head”. (Rabbi Nachman's Stories #21)

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful post. Everything is coming to pass, just our Sages have foretold. We see the outright atheism getting stronger by the day. Religion, all kinds, are being laughed at, and atheism being heralded as never before. The era of 'chaos'. Even reading comments where good and thoughtful Jews still do not understand what is happening and seem to side on the side of the 'real' hate. Torah has been thrown aside; hopefully, many will still awaken from this spell.