20 March 2014

Message from Daniel: "NO FURTHER" (Part 1 Q&A)

18 Adar Bet 5774

Part 1 - Q&A: "Today, we are as if in Egypt"

Q. How do they view the rally in Shamayim?

A. In Shamayim, they see that the majority of Am Yisrael is not happy with the decrees of the seculars, and a majority of the Jews here in Eretz Yisrael are beginning to understand that the evil Hellenists want to wipe out our Judaism. And this amazes the Jews, and frightens them. And therefore, they're glad that a stand like this was organized so that all the Jews who came, and they were masses, could express their desire in the clearest way, the connection of Am Yisrael with HKB"H, to show clearly also to the seculars, to the askanim, to the rabbis and also to all Am Yisrael that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves al kidush Hashem, and not prepared to accept decrees against our Father in Heaven, HKB"H, the Omipotent One, the Master of the World and His Torah. No! We can't! We're not prepared to do it. We're servants of Hashem - and not slaves of the Erev Rav and gentiles. The Nation of Israel lives!

Q. What about livelihood... We need to marry off children, a mortgage...

A. HKB"H is the provider, and only HKB"H. If we as real-Jews work are working at a job that's forbidden to us by halachah, then there won't be a blessing in it. And if we believe in HKB"H and His Torah - then, we will have all that we need. Because only He is the provider.

Q. There are many reports of periodic medical examinations that are worthwhile to do, vaccines which prevent diseases etc.. What is your opinion of this?

A. Don't forget that healthcare today is a big business of billions - multi-billions of dollars. Because of this, very much of the healthcare is 'as if it's able to prevent disease' - for the majority, it's to profit off of a person's fear. Maybe it can prevent us from getting a serious disease, but since we, the Jews, believe that only HKB"H is The Omnipotent One, that He is the Master of the World, then we know that if it's our destiny to suffer a particular malady, then to prevent it by a medical test - this is really foolishness. Because, if Hashem determines that for our good we need to suffer a particular malady - then, if it's not from one place, it will arrive from another place, we should never know such.

The time to do tests is only if we are not feeling well or if there are clear signs that there's a problem, but all these tests are for the sake of making money, and are based on people's fear. And there are even tests which on their own are able to bring illness, we should never know such.

Q. Recently, a large hospital went bankrupt. What happened there?

A. I will not go into all the dirt that was there, but this wasn't what brought them down. What brought them down - it was the tears of one Jewish mother that they falsely accused her of plots and took her child. Then her weeping arose to Heaven and reached the Throne of Glory. And this is what brought them down.

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