"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

09 March 2014

"Go Into the Ghettos"

8 Adar Bet 5774

Message from Binyamin Golden on 19 Adar Alef 5774
(See the original for references.)

I want very much to speak. My heart is bursting from sorrow. My insides are hurting with threatening pains. The sorrow is clutching my whole body. When I came into this world, I knew it would not be easy. I understood that I was arriving to the era 'right before Mashiach Tzidkeinu.' And I knew that falsehood would cover the world from one side to the other - penetrating deep into the ground until the central core of the earth and reaching a height in the sky until space. But, despite this, I didn't imagine for myself a situation like this and how much it would hurt and how frightening it would be. But, in any case, I know that HKB"H is with the People of Truth and it doesn't matter what will be - He'll be with us. But, either way, it will be scary. It's scary to see the difficult sights of the future that I'll talk about shortly. And I will open up the idea and the situation.

We, the Jews, know that we were always a "stiff-necked people." Indeed, when we used this trait to hold on strongly to our faith and trust in God, and to hold fast to the Torah of Moshe, the Torah of Truth, and we were exacting in all our judgments, then it was a compliment to be "stiff-necked." But, in this generation, it's going exactly the opposite... We closed ourselves off completely to the Truth. And we, at least the majority of Am Yisrael, live with the falsehood, took Judaism and Yiddishkeit and turned it into something completely different.

Indeed, the Chareidim, the men are still going with more-or-less Jewish dress, and in other cases, it also looks really Jewish, with long peyot and beards and long coats, etc., but the faces... the faces tell all! The style of walking in the street, the body movement says everything. And I'm talking about the men, not about the women. And this says where we're standing. And when we see our supposedly "righteous" avreichim who learn day and night and Jewish people who feel that they are really holding fast to all the laws and the whole Torah, but when you look good at them, you see that they're lacking. What's lacking? They lack sensitivity and innocence. They are without feeling for another Jew. They lack love of Hashem, love for the Torah and they lack tears. They lack a heart that is able to cry over the suffering of Am Yisrael. They lack the most important thing to be a Jew and that is : love for Hashem.

What can be done? What can be done? Some might cry when reading stories of the righteous. It's so touching to the heart of a real Jew and we, without controlling it, begin to cry from the happiness that we once had like the righteous, but the tears also continue, because today, there are almost none and we are orphans. The prophecy came true, we're "a generation of orphans." A generation that plays with nonsense instead of coming closer to Hashem; who make from life one big celebration. We live seventy years, and if we have God's help - eighty years, ninety years, a hundred and twenty years, but in the end, it's finished! And what do we do with these years? From the moment we're born, so we're already almost at the end. It's over so quickly! There's no time. No time! Do you not understand!?  Each time we reincarnate again and again to this world, to fix and to repair, we think and we feel that the world that we are living in - it's eternal. Despite knowing that we are going to die at some stage, we don't want to think about death because death is scary to us! But, really, we were sent for this time. it's like a person who is sent to a certain other city in order to do a special job, so at the end of the day, he has to return home.  So it is with us. We have to do our job here and not come to 'another city' and instead of doing the job, going drinking and dancing and doing various nonsense, and to forget our purpose and to return home without money because we didn't do the job. No! We have to do God's will.

And this is our job from morning until night and from night until morning, all the time, without a break. And if this bores you - then, I feel sorry for you. Because this should be the most interesting job in the world, the thing that gives the most satisfaction in the world. But, you want the 'Egel HaZahav' - and I'm telling you right now that according to how it looks now, there will be very few Jews who will receive Mashiach Tzidkeinu - only a few, if you don't change fast.

But, the majority of Jews are Erev Rav and you can already see it. You can already see it clear enough. Because, how many Chareidi Jews are there in the world? Not many. And from all these Chareidim, there aren't so many who are really Jews who were at Har Sinai. A lot of them are Erev Rav and we see in our communities many arguments, much hatred. Informers - Informers to the gentiles and informers one about another to the Zionist Jews and this for sure is not Jewish. This is one of the worst sins there is! Oy lanu, oy lanu, oy lanu.

And we look now at what is happening in the State of Israel: rule of the Erev Rav. Rule of the Erev Rav clearly. To a lot of people it wasn't so clear at the beginning of the state; but, now, even the most dense can already see this. Already, we see that their goal is to finish the Jewish religion; to finish 'the eternal Jew.' They want to make from the Land of Israel a state like Italy, England, etc. Hashem protect us! But, HKB"H will not allow it. No way will He allow it. But, the time is coming when every Jew will return to the truth. It's impossible to survive without returning to the truth and understanding it. But, I'm very sad and I cry a lot at night. I even cry in the daytime, because the real Jews - they also don't understand. I'll tell you what needs to be done in order to survive: keep a distance from the evil ones, from the evil ones among us as well as the evil ones who are a bit distant from us, and that is to say the "supposed Jews" who want to take our tradition and throw it in the trash, Hashem protect us.

Also, the gentiles want to finish us. And who are we? A 'tiny' people. Minute, very small. And among all these who purport to be "Jews" - very few of them are really Jews. Except for those who converted or who didn't convert, but don't really live properly, so there are many more who are Erev Rav. So, we are a tiny people who, if you take out all the Erev Rav and those who aren't really Jews, but who think maybe they're Jewish, then what's left is very small. Regarding this very small number, they will build the next world of Mashiach Tzidkeinu. The very few! The gentiles will disappear, some will survive, a small number, but the majority will disappear. Very few will remain.

I'm telling you this so that you will open up your eyes! I know that you don't want to hear these things. It's too hard for you. But, it's the truth. This is reality and if you're close to HKB"H, even this thing would be accepted with happiness, because Hashem is omnipotent. Hashem created us and everything. And Hashem only prepares and does what is good for us. And whoever believes in this with all his strength will be able to accept everything with happiness. This is not a happiness of laughing. It's a happiness of knowing that in this world or the next world - if we are with Hashem - nothing can happen to us.

Even those who were in the Nazis' concentration camps, they didn't suffer when they killed them. Those who were with Hashem - they didn't suffer. They didn't feel the bullet that cracked their skull or the gas that choked them because at the last moment before it hit them - they were in Gan Eden. Those who really held fast to HKB"H, those who believed, who knew, sang and danced because before them stood a huge mitzvah - to die al kidush Hashem! This they desired and for this they waited! They didn't choose this, but if Hashem gave them this - it was a great and holy thing - a huge thing that promised them Olam Haba in one moment and they were happy.

It's difficult to see a murdered child, lo aleinu, who's suffering, who doesn't have what to eat, we shouldn't know of such. But, whoever believes that Hashem is omnipotent, that He created us and that He has mercy upon us, knows also that these children - they're a whole world. They're children who were born for the sake of a special tikun. And as hard as it is for us to see it, we shouldn't know of such, there are hospitals full of sick children, Hashem should protect us. It's hard to live with this, but it's part of the job - it's part of the tikun

And whoever understand this will always be happy. He will always accept the world, life, as necessary. This is everything - all of olam hazeh - it's all an illusion! It's like being in a show! And it will disappear. And we, 'when we're not on the job,' appears suddenly another truth - something else entirely! And we know that this is true! and thus it needs to be and we need to be in agreement with it. The world will be different when Mashiach comes.

We will go out to 'The World of Mashiach' with children, with husbands, with our women, but we will understand, we will comprehend things in another way and nothing will be the same. Everything will be different. Also, now, when a person goes to the next world - everything is other. Everything looks different. Sometimes, they miss those who remain here, but not for long. There's what to do there. There, even in Gehinom, we should not know of such, we're closer to Hashem than we are here. 

Therefore, Am Yisrael, we are on the verge of a wobbling world about to collapse. Weather - really strange and frightening. There are wars in every place. There are threats and as it appears, there will also be nuclear war. Two-thirds of the world needs to be destroyed. Don't fear! We see our planet spinning. Yes, sometimes we see pictures from space, etc. But, it - everything - is something that Hashem created. Foolish people are trying to reach the moon or Mars or various other stars. That's laughable. That's mental confusion. Purposeless waste of time. Because, it's all going to change. It's just like a movie.

We think about ourselves here on Earth that if, God forbid, something will happen, who knows what, then already there won't be food, etc. Like now, a majority of the fish in the sea are already dead because of all of the pollution. So, what kind of world will be left to us if two-thirds will be destroyed!? But, it's not like that, because the whole world is a set. And the stars are a set. And we think it's real. And we're afraid. But, don't be afraid. Hashem is greater than all of space! He's greater than the sun, than everything. He goes into every single corner. The idea of eternity - we can't understand it. Our brain comprehends a little bit of something, but totally, no - we don't understand. So, when we spoil ourselves, God forbid, with immodest clothing, with all kinds of foods that maybe are kosher 'according to the law,' but not kosher according to the world, according to what Hashem wants, when we sit in restaurants and eat so that everyone sees us eating, from the window, from the street, when we're chasing after the 'Egel HaZahav' and not after Torah, when we're 'like' going after the Torah, but in actuality we're going with the 'Egel HaZahav' then we see the world through different eyes.

Now, we will see the complete dismantling of the state. The state will fall part totally like Hadassah Hospital fell apart from all the murder, from all the evilness that goes on there. It's going to fall completely. Even if some kind of framework remains called "Hadassah," it won't be the place it once was. And not only this will fall apart. Each thing that is called Medinat Yisrael and the Knesset - it's going to fall apart. It'll be something else entirely. Even if the building will stand - I don't believe it will stand for long - but it will be something else. And all the founders of this country - impossible to say all - but, the majority of these leaders were completely wicked. Heartless, good-for-nothings who allowed Jews to die and didn't want to save them. People who didn't care at all about HKB"H, who thought that they could be in place of HKB"H, God forbid. But, they will learn and they will suffer and they will disappear. They're on top of the world right now. They want to pass a law that would make it a crime not to go into the army; they want to pass a law against a mohel who will make a brit milah - only a doctor, God help us. They want to pass a law so that every city rabbi can do "conversions;" they want to pass a law that already they will take over kashrut, etc, etc. And it won't help them at all. The real Jews will gather together and shut themselves up, like we said years ago, in ghettos. But, we'll be the ones building the ghettos - not the gentiles. We'll shut ourselves within the ghettos so that no impurity can enter and this will protect us. This is what will protect us.

Indeed, the evildoers, the gentiles, and also Jews from various lands will build themselves giant bunkers inside the earth, very deep, with roads leading from center to center underground and they think that this will protect them. If I could laugh, I would laugh the loudest. But, we, inside our ghetto - we will be more protected than those inside their deep bunkers for this will be their grave.

And we, inside the ghettos that we will establish, the ghettos that we should have remained inside when the gentiles opened before us the gate to the ghetto - we should have said "No! Thanks." But, we didn't do this. Now, we will build our ghettos - and we won't leave them except to receive Mashiach Tzidkeinu.

[Q & A to follow as time permits.]


  1. Wow! Real powerful stuff. H' give us the courage and strength to keep our Emunah intact. May we greet Moshiach T'zdkeinu in a blink of eye, ASAP. Teshuvah and Tefilah!

  2. Where do you suppose all these hordes of soon to be 'dead people' will be buried? And by whom?

  3. Tomer Devorah... Thank you for the Wake Up Call... You article was very sobering... Please HaShem, wake us up and help us to Love Torah and Your Way... soon.

    Thank you...

  4. 8545this is amazing....this is the truth
    only the real truth!!
    thank you , Devash