16 March 2014

"If there's no geulah - there's no next generation"

15 Adar Bet 5774
Shushan Purim

Message from Menachem: "If there's no geulah - there's no next generation"
Motzaei"sh Pekudei, Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet 5774

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I'm so excited. Very excited. I'm often very confused and very frightened about Am Yisrael, and very much awaiting Mashiach, and very much wanting that already it will be good, and that Hashem will slaughter the yetzer hara. And that we will arrive to the complete redemption and the Beit Hamikdash and bring korbanot, etc, etc. And we have another good part of the way to go, not so long - but difficult. What is closer - a massive emergency aliyah.

I want to say b'ezrat Hashem, the meeting tomorrow of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Jerusalem designed to stop the evildoer's recruitment, whose purpose is to stop the study of Torah - it won't succeed for the evildoers, because Hashem won't allow it, even though Am Yisrael is not completely deserving of miracles, and the majority of Am Yisrael does not understand the importance of Torah study, and also among our chareidim there are also enough Jews who are not really close to the truth of the Torah, even if they learn Torah, therefore, the situation is very difficult, and not for no reason. Really very difficult.

But, despite this - Hashem, in His mercy and His salvation, will rescue us. He will rescue all the real Jews. He will force them to repent - whether they want to or not. Because we are His beloved people, His sons and daughters, and He won't abandon us. Even if, God forbid, we abandon Him, He will pull us back.

This meeting tomorrow - this is just the beginning of what is before us. Today, it's recruitment, tomorrow it will be something else, kashrut or brit milah or Shabbat, anything that makes us Jews. It's difficult to believe that those who sit in the Knesset are even Jews. Except for a few chareidim and datiim, but the majority of those who sit and hear and allow the evildoers to carry out decree after decree against Am Yisrael and against their Torah more quietly, and the chareidim more or less more quietly, then it's already too much. What is clear: The government here is already a government of goyim and not a Jewish government. They want the same decrees as the goyim. And they speak in the same language as the goyim against HKB"H. And even those among them who try to explain themselves with all sorts of nonsense are against! They are against HKB"H.

I don't understand them. They seem like "educated people," for sure they know a bit of history. And if they know history - why don't they see that whoever goes against Am Yisrael, against HKB"H, against the Torah, that they always fall!? All these evildoers in every generation are of the opinion that they will succeed in the end to overcome the Omnipotent One, God forbid, but that's foolishness! In all of history, they didn't succeed. It doesn't matter who. The nations of Nimrod, the gentiles who built the Tower of Bavel, they were sure that they were already ruling over Heaven, over HKB"H. Then, what did He do? A tiny little thing. Just changed the language. He didn't overthrow them with power, He didn't bring them down with some kind of bomb, simply changed their language, and in one second, it stopped all their war against HKB"H.

There was a gentile called Titus. And he, with his army, with the authority of HKB"H, destroyed the Beit Hamikdash, and he returned to Rome like a big "show off," happy that he ruled. But, he didn't rule without the authority of HKB"H. HKB"H took a little mosquito that entered into his head by way of his nose and made him hell on earth. And this teensy thing - in the end overcame him.

I tell you, you, the gedolim of the secular, of the evildoers, whom it's more correct to describe you as goyim, I say to you: You are going in the direction of suicide! I don't understand you! If you would look at history, case after case, you would see that all these who tried to erase Am Yisrael - fell so hard. Only in the last hundred years were they able to see that there is nothing they can do against HKB"H. And you, in your insolence, think that you will be able to fight against the Omnipotent One... and be in His place... God forbid. You're joking! That's funny... it's simply unbelievable that it could possibly be, that you, the educated could be so stupid. So, I say to you again: You have no chance! And what you're doing - it's simply suicide.

But, you don't want to hear this, and you'll continue. And you will continue to do to us, the Jews who are close to Hashem - evil. And now, there will be a test for us, a clarification: Who is for Hashem and who is not. The recruitment - it's just a reason to bring us down. They don't need us, and don't want us, and won't make for us any good conditions. ...Maybe it will be like the Nazis who made a kind of show camp and brought in journalists to show that they weren't doing anything bad to the Jews. But, in all the other camps, it was really violent murder. And you, also, maybe you have some kind of places that the army makes to appear more or less kosher, but that's just for show. It's clear that the soldiers' places are filthy. It's a spiritual mess. And you know it! And you want to ruin us! But, Hashem won't allow it. Even if the chareidim are interested in their part - HKB"H won't allow it! You have no chance of success with them! Maybe you'll be successful with some Jews who are Erev Rav - but, with the real Jews? You won't succeed! Because Hashem won't allow it.

After the recruitment - it will be something else! Doctors will be required to do circumcisions, which no real Jew will allow, and after that kashrut - that the secular government will decide what's kosher and what's not... What do you think!? What is this? A joke!? Is kashrut a joke!? Do you really think that you'll be able to do this!? And after the kashrut, who knows what. For sure, it will be HaBayit HaYehudi. Dismantle it. Make it into Bayit Zonot [house of prostitutes] like yours. And that's it.

I'm just warning everyone. I'm warning the Jews: We are arriving to the time when we will have to stand up and say: 'until here and no more.' Don't agree. Don't agree to anything. We will have to sacrifice ourselves and say: "This is Eretz Yisrael! Eretz Yisrael without Torah is not Eretz Yisrael, only with the Torah. And you have no right at all to be here - if you don't learn Torah and pray to Hashem. We have the right to be here. Because we believe in Hashem, pray to Hashem, wait for Mashiach, and learn Torah. We, the real Jews are trying to do the will of Hashem and you are doing the will of your heart and desires and no more. You have no right to be here. You have no right to raise up an army and to drag us into an army of goyim."

I understand that this assembly, this gathering with hundreds of thousands of Jews - it's just the beginning of the war. And correctly, we will pray and not make a balagan, as the gedolei hador desire, but if you think this is the end - it's not. It's just the beginning of the war. And sometimes also we will need to make balaganim. Hashem watch over us that we will soon see the downfall of the government of the evildoers. And that in its place will arise the world to come of Mashiach Tzidkeinu. And that we will merit, all of us, to receive him in mercy and joy. 

[Q&A to follow as time permits.]

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