01 September 2011

The Last Days of this World - Message #2

2 Elul 5771

The World is Shaking from Every Direction
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Nachamu 5771

[13 Aug '11]

I want to say to all the Jews and Jewesses that want the geula already this minute - patience! It really will arrive in the near future, but you need to wait with at least a little bit of patience. Because if not, then it can bring you to some kind of major depressive disorder.

Because the external world is similar to something like some animal, some creature, a moment before his death, that is drawn out a little more and eats more and sometimes when he's hungry, he is able to kill more, some victim, to eat him, but in one moment he will give a roar and lie down and die. And that's our world of falsehood. It's already in a state of illness, terminal illness. We are only waiting for his last roar before death.

Therefore, I know that you are waiting for news, and really, there are many huge signs that this world is terminally ill. And it's possible to count only a few more minutes until it dies. But, each minute is like a hundred years for the person who is waiting for the geula. For a person who suffers this difficult exile, each minute is like a whole life. But, really, it won't take much time. Because, the world is shaking from every direction and it won't take much to bring it down totally. But, before the end, Hashem will reveal huge miracles, greater miracles than the exodus from Egypt.

In order to accept all these huge, difficult things and not to lose our faith and trust, and in order to relinquish the fear of death, we must now, in the last moments that are before the end of Olam HaSheker, take all the trials that Hashem has sent us and use them as training. In everything that fightens us or in anything that doesn't go the way that we need, and I'm talking about serious things and also about smaller things, simply say with all your heart: "Gam zu l'tova," this also is for good. Hashem does for us only what is good for us. And we believe that "ayn od milvado," there's nothing aside from Him. Therefore, there is nothing that is able to hurt us or disturb us.

To say over and over, "gam zu l'tova, ayn od milvado," over and over. About everything, whether it's easier or harder. Hashem protect us. And in truth, there are going to be difficult and big things in this world. And also in Israel, there will be fearful things, and not a little blood and death. But, we will continue to say "gam zu l'tova" and "ayn od milvado," and we will pass through it relatively easily, with G-d's help. And even next week
[14-20 Aug '11], will be full and heaped up with hard things.

[On 18 Aug '11, there was a terrible attack in the south which killed 8 and injured many more. It started a missile barrage which has seen hundreds of rockets raining down over cities like Beersheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod. It has quickly led now to the re-militarization of the Sinai by Egypt and today, both Israel and Iran have warships in the Red Sea.]

I know that it must be, in the nearest future, big things. I'm not saying only to repeat "ayn od milvado" and "gam zu l'tova" without meaning. You have to feel it, to direct your head and your sense and your heart to believe with all your strength that "ayn od milvado" and that He does everything for our good. You have to believe it. And this is our job - to sit and strengthen this faith.

Again: Do not fear, do not fear. Hashem will recue us. Everything is for the good. Hashem does for us everything for good. For our good. He wants, truly, to rescue us. There's nothing aside from Him. End.

[Questions and Answers to follow, IY"H]