The aim of this blog is to point out the "hidden" hand of God in the daily events of our lives and to give strength
and encouragement to those anxiously awaiting the final redemption - may it come speedily in our time.

NOTE: I would like it to be understood that when I warn Jews in chu"l to come home to Eretz Yisrael, it is not
for the sake of "escaping" some dire fate. It is a call to do teshuvah for the sin of rejecting HKB"H's magnificent
gift to His nation - Eretz Yisrael HaKodesh.

11 September 2011

And you thought "Katia" was history?

12 Elul 5771

Think again! Hurricane Katia bypassed the US and Canadian East Coasts and is now on course to hit the UK.

Hurricane Alert - Storm winds coming as Katia moves in
IRELAND will be pummelled by Hurricane Katia from tomorrow [Sunday] night as forecasters warned of winds up to 160kmh causing building damage, coastal flooding, uprooted trees and transport chaos.