23 September 2011

Today is the Big Day

24 Elul 5771

Today, Mahmood Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, is scheduled to make an appeal for recognition of an independent Palestinian state at the UN. Both he and Bibi Netanyahu are scheduled to address the world body on Friday afternoon, NY time.

Today, Arabs are supposed to riot and attack Israeli Jews in celebration of their new independence. (And if they don't get it, that'll just be another reason to riot and attack. So, either way...)

Today, a spent satellite is headed for a crash landing somewhere on Planet Earth.

Today, Comet Elenin should become visible again, if it didn't disintegrate after its closest approach to the Sun.

What will be? Well, since it all is supposed to take place after 6 pm Israel time, which is candlelighting in Jerusalem, I guess I'll be in the dark about it all until at least 25 hours later.

Shabbat shalom! And Happy Birthday to the World!! Shabbat, 25 Elul, is the anniversary of the First Day of Creation.