31 August 2011

Message from Binyamin - 4 Av 5771

2 Elul 5771

The Last Days of This World - 4 messages

(Message # 1)

I am certain that almost every Jew, and also Gentile, feels that we, residents of the planet, have the most difficult problem. A large part of them do not understand exactly why they feel this way. They know that the whole world is changing very much and this change gives everyone a feeling of insecurity and not a little fear. Nature is changing, governments are changing, the regular person on the street is changing, but despite this, they don't know how far it will go. There are a few Jews who are exactly what HKB"H expects from them, and from the history of the world, they understand better what is coming and they are preparing themselves properly for the most difficult period in the history of the world which is about to descend upon us in the near future.

How do they prepare themselves?

By prayer, by good deeds and by an internal check of all their sins. Repentance and remorse for all of them and a big cry over every thing that they did against the will of HKB"H. And they accept the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven with a full heart every single minute and they know that everything that HKB"H does is for their good. It doesn't matter how much they suffer from it, they know that all the suffering that comes upon us is in order to repair and to bring us to a much better situation, really to rescue us.

But, the second type of person, the evildoers who want to take control over the world, they also know that a giant disaster is coming in the world. They also are preparing themselves for it. But, in a completely different way, because they hate the thought that there is a Master of the World. They very, very much want to fight against Him, Hashem yishmor, to prove that their power is greater than His, we should not know of such things. The generation of the flood, really, and they are preparing themselves for this. They are digging channels in the ground, bunkers, against everything that is coming and they think that all the ten plagues of Egypt won't be able to hurt them. And they trust in this, that at the moment that Hashem will bring down the plagues, they will be inside the bunkers inside the ground, with all the food that they need, with air to breathe and even with a swimming pool and they will be able to continue to live. They are like, chas v'shalom, going to "fix" HKB"H and come out of it alive.

But, I'm warning the whole world, and especially the Jews, the time is very short, the time is really running fast. A week finishes already on Monday. The moment Monday arrives, it's already jumping to Shabbat, so, there's not much time. Not according to the calendar and not according to the feeling. The time is very short and it's worthwhile for you to prepare yourselves. If you want to be among the evildoers, then make bunkers for yourselves. These bunkers will be your graves. And if you want to reach the complete redemption and receive our righteous Mashiach, make teshuva, do teshuva, do teshuva, I'm begging you, I'm begging you.

I am a true Jew. I love Am Yisrael. Every true Jew loves Hashem and loves Am Yisrael and loves all the creation. And I cry over every Jewish neshama that runs away from HKB"H and wants to be like the Gentiles, with their coarseness and lack of holiness and with their golden calf. I cry over every single one, and not just a few tears. These tears could fill a whole lake. Not the Kineret, a much bigger lake.

I beg of you, true Jews, stop your wars against each other. Stop with the lashon hara against each other. Stop running from the truth. Return to holiness. An evil spirit has entered into Am Yisrael - a spirit of nonsense, of lust, a most goyische spirit and this spirit is detroying us; annihilating Jewish souls and I beg of you, return to true Judaism, to true Yiddishkeit, for this is an innocent Jew, a Jew separated from this world, from the gentile women wandering around all places and also in the religious and chareidi places.

From the Enlightenment movement that ruled over us for a few hundred years, we should return to the ghetto - the ghetto that needs to be pure, without the evil influences and the hardships of the world outside, without the psychologists, without the doctor trying to rule over our lives, without the politicians, etc., without the falsehood, without the falsehood. This is the main thing, without the falsehood.

We should have children who look like real Jews again, who have innocent faces, sweet faces, the face of a child who believes with all his heart that there is a Master of the World and He is Our Tata. And He is our Mommy. And He is our everything. There should be seen again true Jews that all their lives, from morning to night, and from night until morning, only do the will of Hashem. From handwashing in the morning until handwashing for kriat shema at night, who are only with HKB"H and only want to do His will.

Jews, Jews, we've sunk to the level of animals. Wander around the streets and see animals, males and females, eating like animals, like at the market. They dress themselves like animals or without clothes, and the men also, exhibiting coarseness, not refinement and not innocence. It's not the look of a Jew related to HKB"H.

Oy, oy, Am Yisrael, how many times have we said these thigns. You are stiff-necked, stiff necked. Why do you wake up only after you receive a hit, why? Your children grow mostly stiff necked. Hashem protect from what they are seeing and doing until they reach maturity.

Woe to us, how will we teach them now to establish a Jewish family? They actually take HKB"H out as the third partner in a marriage and they insert the counselor in His place, or the psychologist, and there's already no Jewish home. There is a home without holiness. There is a home with concepts of this world which are suitable for Gentiles, but not suitable for Jews.

Today we are sick with the diseases of the Gentiles because we are living like Gentiles. Then, they bring us psychologists and psychiatrists and their Gentile theories are really killing us until the end. And whoever destroys the Jewish home, destroys the coming generations and if there is no next generation, there is nothing left to live for. There is nothing for which to maintain this world.

HKB"H will destroy two thirds of the world and this is according to the prophets and it will be in the near future. One third of the world will be damaged so much that there will be nothing left alive in it. The second third will be damaged severely, but not as much as the first one. The last third won't be damaged, but whoever does not return to HKB"H, Jew or Gentile, simply won't be. He will simply disappear. We've said this many times. It's not for nothing.

You all think you will continue to get up in the morning, to do what you want to do, to go to pray and in the middle of the prayer to send a text message to friends and to speak about various nonsense and afterwards to run to work? And maybe a little at noon to learn a little and afterwards to run home and to be busy with the internet or with the cellphone or with your nonsense and it will go quietly? No.

All your toys make a separation wall between you and the truth - between you and HKB"H.

About "fun." The word "fun" - the Gentile's word "fun." There's no word with the Jews "fun." For Jews, there is only Torah, mitzvot and good deeds, which give spiritual pleasure associated only with HKB"H. "Fun" is not for us. "Fun" is treif. It's forbidden to us. This nonsense is forbidden to us. But you already don't know how to live without the "fun" - the "fun" that comprises your life.

Part of you will say - how can it be, to live without "unwinding" sometime? How is it possible to be serious all the time?

Because your Judaism is a Judaism that belongs to falsehood, you, like you go to work and you have to suffer because the work is hard, and afterwards there is a vacation. You think that bein hazmanim is a vacation from learning. Vacation from learning? What real Jew needs a vacation from learning? This must be the sweetest thing there is for him, the best thing there is for him the whole day and he wants a vacation from this? This says that the Jewish heart is not close to Hashem and does not feel the depth and the sweet taste of this good thing.

I cry over Am Yisrael. I came special into this world only to tell these things and I cry over Am Yisrael. Where are the real Jews? Baruch Hashem, there are still a few and upon these few, Hashem will build the world to come, the more complete world, the world of Mashiach. And I bless all of you that you will understand the truth, take off the hard peels that you accumulated during the thousands of years and return to HKB"H.