04 September 2011

Message #2 - Q & A continued

5 Elul 5771

Q. "Nachamu, nachamu, ami" - "Comfort, comfort My people" - with what can we comfort ourselves right now?

A. Big question. The answer, because in the near future, we will receive our righteous Mashiach, G-d willing. I'm a Cohen and I will run and go up to the Third Beit HaMikdash and there will again be korbanot. Then, we will have everything: all the spiritual and best material things to be created. In all of creation, there was nothing better than this. And the Third Beit HaMikdash will be much better than the Second which preceded it. And I will merit to be there as a Cohen and this comforts me daily.

Right, we won't travel anymore to Uman... And also, all the righteous will arrive here and we will not die. Hashem will slaughter the Angel of Death. Also, because there won't be a reason to die, because there already won't be an evil inclination. Is there a greater comfort than this?

But, with great sorrow, the majority of Jews are not at all in this direction and it doesn't so much interest them - the redemption. It's more interesting to them that they will continue to receive a salary and continue to travel abroad -"to shnor gelt." There should be a lot of gelt to schnor. It's a great pity about all the Jews, because we're standing before the greatest thing that ever was since receiving the Torah. And whoever merits to reach this - it will be an amazing thing. In fact, all the souls that were at Har Sinai will merit it. So, we will be happy with a real happiness, a happiness without blemish, happiness without nonsense, without foolishness, a great and eternal happiness, a most spiritual happiness, and we will merit to feel the strong, strong brilliance of the Shekhina and this alone will raise us up and this is what comforts me - "nachamu, nachamu ami."

This is the comfort and there's no other comfort, and there's nothing in its place. Of course, we can't comfort ourselves with salaries. We can't comfort ourselves with parties or weddings or our vacations or all our nonsense or it doesn't matter what. Only in this is it possible to comfort ourselves. But, if the Jew doesn't want it with all his strength, with all his essence, then he won't merit, because, as we've seen, he's not a Jewish soul.. Because, a Jewish soul, all the time, yearns only for this - only to be close to HKB"H, only for the complete redemption.

Therefore, real Jews, at some point, whether they want to or not, Hashem will enlighten their hearts and will continue to pull their minds in the direction of truth. Then, all the Jews - distant ones as well as near ones - will merit to receive our righteous Mashiach.

But, whoever goes out in the street - it's hard to take comfort over all that there is at the moment. It's only possible to take comfort in the future, the future to come with the complete redemption. But when we see the chareidi street and of course, the secular and of course, wherever the national religious are wandering around and also with the chareidim, it's impossible to comfort yourself. It's all heartache. Everything goes down and goes down and goes down until the abyss, and goes down and goes down, passing to the abyss.

It's impossible even to digest, even to comprehend, how Jews can come to such a low level; to such a low spiritual and material level. Right, the Erev Rav dancing around the golden calf bring Am Yisrael down very, very much. However, this advances the situation a lot. And now, the Erev Rav are thought of as Jews, really, by law. So, it's impossible to distinguish between one and another. Brutal murder, this is something that never was among Jews, that go in and kill a righteous man this way - it's something that never was. It just shows where we are in this world now, at what a low level that we never reached before. And killed precisely a man who was a symbol of modesty, a symbol of holiness: 'Holy you will be,' and this is exactly what we are doing to holiness.

"Nachamu, nachamu ami." In the near future, Hashem will burn this world, he will destroy the Olam HaZeh and leave only the Olam HaBa, the world of Mashiach and the Beit HaMikdash and the korbanot and the wholeness.

[To be continued...]